Zeta Gold Coin New Structure and Backing Makes the Coin as Good as Gold

What is Zeta Gold Coin?

ZGC is offered by Zeta Group Holdings, a company that creates investment opportunities for sophisticated investors, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. Zeta Group Holdings is behind proven gold reserves in the Cariboo Gold Fields of British Columbia, being worth an estimated US$370 million.

Zeta Gold Coin is a unique product and project that has great promising value for the future as the ZGC is backed by an inflation-proof tangible asset of gold. The coin is listed on the reputable crypto exchange Exmarkets and this physical asset-backed product makes it stand out among other crypto projects on the blockchain. The coin…

2local IEO is Coming to ExMarkets

We live in times of widespread and inherent injustices. There’s enormous material inequality between the privileged elite and everyone else. There’s too much power vested with the multinationals and large commercial banks. There are too many bureaucratic rules that act as barriers to entry for smaller companies that seek to make a difference. In the world of instant capital mobility and the aggressive focus of companies on profit — we move from crisis to crisis without even a moment to catch our breath.

That’s why the creators of 2local are on a mission to…

As an entrepreneur, you’ve been diligent, and you’ve persevered. You’ve poured your vision and passion into the whitepaper, spent countless hours on product development, and have already achieved what a little while ago seemed like a distant dream for your Blockchain Start-up — you’ve listed your Token on a Crypto Exchange.

But if your native token is still relatively new and not particularly famous, chances are it doesn’t change hands very often. “So what?” you may ask. “That’s not a big deal, right?

Well… wrong. You may not be aware of it, but the lack of trading volume invites a…

Financial markets spend around 80% of the time in ranges every year. If you trade only trends, which is only 20% of a year, you will have to sit on the sidelines 80% of the time missing a lot of opportunities to make profits. The crypto market is not an exception.

You can use technical analysis if you want to figure out how to trade a range in cryptocurrencies. But before we go to how-to, let’s figure out what range trading is.

What is range trading?

A range is a movement of price between two price levels: high and low. The time frame when…

Phase One of the CoinMargin IEO process — Round I of MAKES Token Sale — has now been officially concluded. The results speak for themselves — over 14,000,000 MKS have been sold during the Token Sale, averaging 500 MKS per transaction, with significant contributions from local south-east asian partners — VNDC and DDK Coin.

The undeniable success of CoinMargin’s IEO proves that the South-East Asian Crypto scene is very much alive and harbours a lot of future potential. Top 5 Countries (by contribution) were Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia — all from South-East Asia. …

Like any other financial market, the Crypto domain can form short term swings, and you need to have a swing trading strategy for cryptocurrencies to capitalize on those short term moves. You can take advantage of any time frame and length of a movement that occurs in any cryptocurrency as long as you know how to spot a move, what tools and indicators to use, how to limit your risk, and where to take your profits.

But first things first, let’s figure out what swing trading is.

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is a technical strategy that aims to benefit from short-term moves…

We are not divulging a secret that the DeFi system in the cryptocurrency world is dominating the market. Most traders are looking up to it as a promising alternative to the ICO, which died a long time ago today.

That mostly comes from the booming the DeFi made mid-2019 when it brought a new definition for boosting profits.

While some look at DeFi -– the acronym for “decentralized permissionless financial infrastructure”- as the magic wand to make them rich over a night, others still believe that it is more of a speculative bubble than a guaranteed promise for wealth, which…

ExMarkets is thrilled to announce that the long-awaited YFDAI token has finally been listed on our terminal! We’re especially pleased to welcome YFDAI because it’s new DeFi-oriented protocol is a much-needed development for an industry that hasn’t got the best record of transparency, accountability, and security.

Trading is live, withdrawals, and deposits are open. Go ahead and take the opportunity to enter DeFi via YFDAI.

🔸 We’re offering a 0% trading fee on the YFDAI/ETH pair for 1 month.

— — —

The Perils of DeFi and YFDAI’s Solution

Although it has brought a new era of blockchain-powered decentralization, the DeFi movement has been plagued by scandals…

This is the first article of more to come on the types of technical trading strategies. Today we are going to find out how to trade a trend in cryptocurrencies. “A trend is your friend,” goes the famous saying among traders. It has been said and repeated millions of times in books, articles, and blog posts on how to make profits in financial markets to the point that it actually lost its original weight. We will recover it, find out how to spot a trend, what indicators to use, how to enter a trade, how much you can risk, and…

Off-chain Cryptocurrency Staking Explained

We get it — investing in cryptocurrencies is a stressful and demanding endeavor. It takes time, it takes practice; it takes enormous dedication — and even then, a temporary market correction can wipe out your investments in one fell swoop. Surely, there’s a better way to earn passive income from crypto?

Some years back, the answer to that question used to be ‘MINING’! …


Centralized platform that enable customers to trade up to 12 crypto-pairs among most traded crypto assets, at low transaction fees, with deep volume, 24h/7

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