The Future of DeFi is Here:
YFDAI Token is Officially Listed on ExMarkets!
2 min readOct 29, 2020

ExMarkets is thrilled to announce that the long-awaited YFDAI token has finally been listed on our terminal! We’re especially pleased to welcome YFDAI because it’s new DeFi-oriented protocol is a much-needed development for an industry that hasn’t got the best record of transparency, accountability, and security.

Trading is live, withdrawals, and deposits are open. Go ahead and take the opportunity to enter DeFi via YFDAI.

🔸 We’re offering a 0% trading fee on the YFDAI/ETH pair for 1 month.

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The Perils of DeFi and YFDAI’s Solution

Although it has brought a new era of blockchain-powered decentralization, the DeFi movement has been plagued by scandals of fraud and data breaches. YFDAI.Finance is bound to transform the industry’s nature.

YFDAI.Finance is a fully audited protocol that packs a myriad of different user-centric functionalities — from Liquidity Farming and Staking to Lending/Borrowing and Insurance. Better brace yourself — YFDAI protocol ensures trustless security, transparency, and will disrupt the existing monopoly held by the legacy economy banking consortium.

YFDAI will become a new industry standard, complete with a new form of governance — one built on the principles of equity and fairness, representing the interests of all members, united in their pursuit of innovation and technological advancement.

AMA on ExMarkets Telegram Tomorrow: Friday, October 30th at 2 PM (GMT)

YFDAI has just recently introduced the official whitepaper describing plans of the upcoming development plans. Token swaps, liquidity mining, staking, e-commerce applications, and a plethora of exciting features are coming. Want to know more about YFDAI’s ecosystem and upcoming milestones?

Well, you’ll have your chance. Tomorrow, at 2 PM (GMT) ExMarkets will host YFDAI’s AMA session. We invite all interested parties to join and interact with the project team directly. No topics will be off-limits.

See you at ExMarkets Telegram.

Join the Revolution Within DeFi

YFDAI has just listed on ExMarkets. Rush over to ExMarkets terminal and get trading!

YFDAI Whitepaper

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