To the Moon: SPACE-iZ Real Estate Co-Renting & Co-Sharing Ecosystem Sets for IEO

The first months of summer are coming to an end, pushing us ever closer to September which is the start of the university year, the time when everybody goes back to school. Millions of university students will flow into campuses looking for accommodation where they will live during the school year. And not just students, the global market of co-living and co-renting spaces will also see an influx of professionals moving for work and seeking accommodation and community.

Naturally, the markets have been affected by COVID-19, but it is just a small blip in a growing trend. An increasing number of people are looking for international experiences and are eager to start traveling again when the fallout from the global pandemic settles.

And that’s where SPACE-iZ comes into the picture, creating an ecosystem to help grow co-live/co-work and short-let markets, making them more efficient and accessible to people from around the world through the utilization of native SPIZ tokens.

The project is about building a digital platform where both owners and renters will interact with each other and be rewarded for the use of SPIZ tokens. Blockchain technology is perceived to be an essential tool to ensure the efficient working of the platform and distribution of rewards among the participants within the SPACE-iZ ecosystem.

SPACE-iZ has finalized plans to launch its own Initial Exchange Offering on ExMarkets cryptocurrency exchange and IEO launchpad starting from the 17th of July. SPACE-iZ invites cryptocurrency investors, traders and enthusiasts to purchase SPIZ tokens during the token sale which will last until August 20th.

IEO participants will have the opportunity to buy SPIZ in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), or Tether (USDT).

A sustainable ecosystem to revolutionize the real estate market, should revolve around inclusivity and benefit the local community and associated businesses.” — said Haroon Rashid, Founder, and CEO of Space-iZ.

The IEO will consist of 3 separate rounds giving decreasing bonuses depending on the stage of the round.

  • Round I: July 17th — July 26th | Price: $0.10 USD | Bonus: 15% | 44 M tokens for sale;
  • Round II: July 28th — August 6th | Price: $0.10 USD | Bonus: 10% | 42 M tokens for sale;
  • Round III: August 10th — August 20th | Price: $0.10 USD | Bonus: 3% | 40 M tokens for sale;

To find out more about the highly anticipated SPACE-iZ IEO, please visit the designated token sale page on ExMarkets LaunchPad — there is plenty of additional info you might want to know.

More about SPACE-iZ and its ecosystem

Despite the fact that the SPACE-iZ infrastructure is set up to benefit token holders, the platform will not discriminate and be accessible to everyone around the globe. However, token holders will benefit the most while utilizing their ownership of SPIZ tokens. Inclusivity is a fundamental axis of the whole project, giving rise to an open community.

SPACE-iZ’s vision is to foster and maintain the growth of a sustainable, community-driven business model that supports as well as connects property owners directly with their tenants.

The team running the project is creating an end-to-end property management application to allow owners and managers to list their estates and gain exposure to a global user base of individuals and companies that are looking to rent co-live/co-work and short-let spaces. Owners will not be charged for utilizing the SPACE-iZ app, in exchange, they will offer discounted rates to SPIZ token holders.

Furthermore, people who have no SPIZ tokens but are attracted by the discounted rates offered, will have the opportunity to borrow the required amount of SPIZ tokens from the token holders for a small fee using the app. Smart contract-based lending mechanism implements a unique feature and extends SPIZ functionality giving SPIZ owners an alternative way to generate income.

As the ecosystem grows and more property owners join, discounted offers will become more attractive thus driving the demand and value of the SPIZ token. While this closed-loop repeats itself, the SPACE-iZ team will continue to expand and develop the platform and will incorporate local businesses in the vicinity of rental spaces. SPACE-iZ platform will provide business owners the opportunity to target local customers by offering them discounted deals on premium goods and services. Business listings will remain free, provided the business owners continue to offer exclusive deals on the platform.

The concept for SPACE-iZ was born from an underlying wish to bring communities, businesses, and properties closer to each other. Recent business and governmental research indicate that higher inclusiveness and community integration brings about greater efficiency for the well-being and prosperity of local areas.

The idea eventually evolved into a digital platform to help manage, put to use, and sell business products with in-built incentives coming from the application of the blockchain technology, smart-contracts, and ERC20 tokens.

SPACE-iZ is creating an infrastructure to efficiently connect business directly with their customers. The task is definitely not in the easy category, but if they play their cards right and the community support kicks in — the sky’s the limit.

For more detailed information on SPACE-iZ, SPIZ tokens, the token lending ecosystem, and property listing functionalities — refer to the official project whitepaper.

Tokensale fundamentals

  • Ticker: SPIZ
  • Listing price: $0.10 USD;
  • Bonus: (3–15% depending on the round);
  • KYC: Yes;
  • Restricted countries: the U.S., the People’s Republic of China;
  • Token supply / available for sale/ Bonus : 300,000,000 SPIZ / 138,000,000 SPIZ / 12,000,000 SPIZ);
  • Softcap /Hardcap: $5,000,000 USD / $13,800,000 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

WORTH REMEMBERING: SPACE-iZ launches its IEO on July 17th,2020 and the project is offering a 15% bonus on purchased tokens during Round 1 of the token sale. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity and help to start building the SPACE-iZ community from the get-go.

Should you have any questions, ask away on ExMarkets Telegram Group! See you during the sale!


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