The Hiway (WAY) Token officially launches ExMarkets IEO on June 7th!

Hiway — the revolutionary platform redefining an industry by changing the face of the future job market through the use of blockchain has selected ExMarkets Launchpad to conduct its first token (WAY) sale. We are enthusiastic to announce that the WAY token sale commences on June 7th, 2019 at 17:00 CET accepting BTC, ETH, and EUR.

Be prepared for action and visit ExMarkets today to sign up!

Hiway, who are they?

Redefining Recruitment. Hiway is a blockchain ecosystem, architecturally designed to create a global online marketplace that facilitates connections between the employee and employer. A platform that builds on a few of the most innovative and progressive technologies emerging from the Fourth Industrial Revolution: big data, blockchain, and AI. Acknowledging today’s opportunities that are arising from two key factors; a thriving freelance economy and challenges faced by traditional recruitment agencies. Hiway is offering technologically driven solutions that facilitate an open employment market much more suited to the needs of the present and future market place. In fact, Hiway is a place that will offer abundant opportunities and security. Accessible to anyone who has skills to share or a job to offer. No borders, no boundaries.

Why is Hiway pursuing an IEO?
Hiway has been through some interesting phases over the past few years and are about to embark on a new one. One that sees Hiway move swiftly towards the release of its platform. So far, and in the last year, funding has mainly been achieved by seed investment from internal sources, specifically from people close to the project. The opportunity of an IEO allows for this blockchain driven project to grow and make a significant leap towards developing the future online marketplace as envisioned. At the same time, Hiway’s exchange offering allows for the expansion of it’s already established and involved community, making an IEO the perfect strategic next step for Hiway.

The Hiway (WAY) IEO will take place between the 7th of June and the 23rd of June.

Why has Hiway chosen ExMarkets?

In the words of Co-Founder Thale Sonnemans on choosing ExMarkets for the Hiway IEO:

“Exmarkets is a well-placed exchange in the European market with an excellent reputation that is experiencing rapid growth. We believe that choosing ExMarkets offers a great mix of users and the opportunities to increase awareness of our platform across the European region. Since initial contact, they have been very welcoming and open to the idea and their quick handling makes ExMarkets a perfect fit with our current strategies and goals. We look forward to a mutually fruitful and beneficial relationship.”

IEO Details:

  • IEO Session Time: 07.06.2019–23.06.2019
  • Token Name: Hiway (WAY)
  • Token Price: $0.04
  • Total Tokens Allocated to ExMarkets IEO: 5,000,000 WAY

Founded by a knowledgeable team with over two decades in the job employment and recruitment industry, Hiway has set its sights on building a skilled manpower acquisition and exchange marketplace, to not only address the shortcomings of the current market but also fuel the companies of tomorrow’s industry; the blockchain. Hiway is built with a clear goal: to be the platform connecting digital natives in the blockchain sphere with the companies of the future. Pursuing its IEO with ExMarkets is another advancement towards the realization of its mission and objectives.

To participate in the Hiway (WAY) IEO and stay up to date with other upcoming exciting projects, make sure to sign up an account in advance!

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