StiB, a decentralized P2P exchange gathering public interest in preparation for IEO (starts Dec 2)

Say what you want, but cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based trust and value systems are slowly but surely cementing their place in the global digital economy. It all started with the introduction of Bitcoin paperback in 2008, followed by Ethereum and its Smart Contracts and has since branched out into a full-blown industry.

Some of the remaining obstacles from crypto going mainstream is the somewhat hard-to-understand infrastructure which is keeping everyday people from joining in and embracing the concept in their daily lives. Mass adoption still lies a few blocks away.

That’s what StiB, a decentralized platform for P2P transactions, is getting at — making crypto trading and ownership way more convenient and understandable for everyone. StiB has chosen ExMarkets to host its Initial Exchange Offering during December of this year. STI tokens will be sold at a discount depending on the IEO round. As always, the sooner you join in, the bigger the discount you’re going to get. Do not miss your chance!

  • Round I: December 02, 2019
  • Round II: December 15, 2019
  • Round III: January 02, 2020

“We have amazing products with a great vision by a very strong team to serve everyone globally. StiB is simply better!” Ben Le, Founder/CEO of StiB

The IEO starts on December 2nd. When the day comes, we will meet you at ExMarkets LaunchPad, you will find StiB IEO terminal right on it. Meanwhile, be sure to open up an account on ExMarkets in advance in order to be ready when the action starts.

More details about the StiB project

StiB has formed a clear mission for its project which is to help to bring cryptocurrencies and the digital economy to the mainstream. The project team is developing novel solutions equipped with Smart Contract technology to provide a safe and secure environment to trade, lend and instantly settle crypto-crypto or crypto-fiat transactions without any unnecessary burden. StiB is focusing on making the user experience seamless, fast and unobstructed by the lack of liquidity or security measures.

The company is based in Boston, Massachusetts and the development team is working from Saigon in Vietnam. The exchange will work to service the global population wherever their end-user might be, but initially, the main area of focus will be South East Asia.

StiB is spending extra resources to make sure that all the required infrastructure to support local traders and crypto newbies throughout their journey across the cryptocurrency world. From placing carefully researched reward systems, to providing legal advice — the team is doing all they can to remove unwanted bureaucratic or technological barriers away from the users so they can enjoy their trading experience to the fullest.

Inside the StiB ecosystem: meet all the features

StiB is not merely a place where traders will have the chance to meet each other online and exchange cryptocurrencies with one another. The project team has been working on multiple fronts at the same time and are bringing a plethora of new and exciting features. Some of which are:

  • P2P trading and exchange: an architecture created to foster P2P value exchanges, lending, and borrowing. Always coupled with a free-of-charge StiB Escrow to make sure that all parties of the transaction are acting in a fair manner.
  • Rewards initiative: Gain discounts and unlock extra features by being an active participant in the StiB ecosystem. Make your activity benefit your results.
  • Legal Counsel: In order to make sure that you’re not breaking any boundaries or laws, engage with the AI-propelled engine chatbot. StiB is doing everything to protect its environment.
  • Payment Gateway: send, receive and transact within seconds with individuals and business merchants anywhere in the world using StiB Pay.

There are many more functionalities that are on the StiB roadmap and will be implemented onto the existing architecture in the upcoming years. Be sure to read StiB official white paper and find out all about them! StiB is making big strides in order to bring cryptocurrencies into the phase of mass adoption.

Tokensale fundamentals

  • Ticker: STI;
  • Starting price: $0.005 USD/STI;
  • Discount: up to 50% based on the round;
  • Sale period: December 2019 — January 2020;
  • KYC: Yes;
  • Softcap / Hardcap: $3,000,000 / $5,480,000;
  • Token supply / Available during IEO: 8,000,000,000 STI / 1,096,000,000 STI;
  • Payment currencies: ETH, BTC;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC-20);
  • Restricted countries: Canada & the U.S;

StiB IEO launches on December 2nd. Make no mistake and circle your calendars for the big day as we expect a lot of activity on their IEO LaunchPad terminal. Available tokens are expected to melt fast. See you on the big day!


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