Share Internet Data token (SIDT) to appear on ExMarkets LaunchPad

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ExMarkets gets another significant project, SID, to host their token sale on our new and polished LaunchPad for upcoming projects with immediate listing once the token sale finishes.

Listing date is tentatively set for May 2nd, 2019.

SID, which stands for “Share Internet Data” uses the SID utility token (SIDT) which was issued on Stellar’s blockchain and the token sale will run until the end of March 2019.

Jump to ExMarkets and register an account and set up your path to acquiring SIDT once it goes live!

What’s extremely positive about the SID project is that they’re kinda running a reverse token offering: SID team has already built and launched their product — SID app is available for download on Google Play and Appstore. To make a good deal even sweeter, SID has already released their solution commercially to such household names as Dunkin’ Coffee which account for 91 thousand monthly active users out of their 250 thousand App downloads with the SID technology inside.

Funds collected during the ITO will be channeled to further product development and geographical expansion.

More about SID project

SID aims to serve the world by enabling the less fortunate people and enterprises, small and medium local shops and vendors by giving them access to shared internet using SID’s proprietary solutions.

SID (Share Internet Data) is a decentralized peer-to-multi-peer system that allows to automatically to share internet via smartphones that are linked to SID’s network.

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Being a part of the “SHARE INTERNET DATA” ecosystem, users will have the opportunity to link themselves to nearby SID-integrated Android smartphones which do have Internet access and use their shared internet data.

This internet gateway is achieved by through the novel crowd-sourced Internet in a peer-to-multi-peer structure overseen by a patent-pending proprietary technology.

Jose Merino, Chairman of SID Limited states: “The SID market opportunity is massive, as it is combining both the smartphone and the Wi-Fi markets all in one. Some market data: According to Statista, in 2018 Smartphones numbers are outperforming public Wi-Fi hotspots by 5.3B to 0.279B meaning by more than 18 to 1. These figures clearly show the importance we give to Share Internet Data (SID) through smartphones as being the core of our SID platform technology accessed through our SID APPs and through our future commercial customers SDKs like Dunkin Coffee.”

The business model of SID will provide in future internet access in exchange of advertising consumption but already today users can share their internet data on Android smartphones & tablets in exchange for SID Tokens through the SID Android integrated Stellar Wallet.

This opens the possibility to enter the ‘marketplace of data’ where you will be able to trade SID tokens for megabytes of data. Trades like that are expected to create in the long run a liquid market for SID tokens, improve their circulation and token velocity as the sharing of the internet becomes more acceptable amongst users.

With the SID App you can get access to an Internet connection through these features:

  • Connect automatically to a nearby Wi-Fi Hotspots available through the shared encrypted SID App database.

SIDT is a clear top-runner in terms of other token sales that are live at the moment — they have a product, they have a significant amount of funding already secured, they also have running clients, approved patent applications and more pending patents. I mean they have a lot of things going on for them. That’s why we’re really excited to be able to offer SIDT to your ExMarkets community” — L. Bourquin, COO at CoinStruction.

Overall the whole team here at ExMarkets is excited to host the SIDT sale on ExMarkets LaunchPad and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute and help make this altruistic project to escalate and provide a market for its native token.

There are numerous benefits of hosting a token sale on ExMarkets launchpad. Doing an IEO or having a token sale on a cryptocurrency exchange ensures the certainty that there will be a market for issued tokens — people will be able to trade and sell their tokens on the exchange immediately.

What is more, IEOs prevent Gas Wars from happening and significantly reduces the possibility for copycat scam artists to trick people of their money.

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