Set in Stone: THE STONE COIN IEO on ExMarkets starts July 8th
7 min readJul 5, 2019

Welcome again to the ExMarkets official blog where we discuss all the major projects that are being launched on our exchange and trading environment. This time we have something completely different.

Even though the stone age has passed a long time ago, the word itself is still relevant. THE STONE COIN project is going to be the latest addition to our IEO family.

The general aim of THE STONE COIN project is to merge the technology of cryptocurrencies and the stability, long-term value and return that real estate assets have been providing for investors over the last centuries. In the long-term, the team behind the project is looking to provide its stakeholders[i] income from real-estate-backed portfolio performance.

Funds collected during the issuance of THE STONE COIN will be reinvested into the establishment and continuous operation of a European real-estate portfolio.

We buy real estate and keep it, which generates a regular return in the form of rental income. This money is used to cover the costs — for example for the fast international expansion of the PoS acceptance network and the placement of THE STONE COIN as key currency in promising online portals”, — says Markus Bleiker, Co-Founder and Member of the Board of THE STONE COIN AG.

THE STONE COIN team is attending the Rise Hong Kong event on the 8–11th of July and is inviting all interested parties and individuals to stop by their booth at the conference center and engage in an immersing discussion about THE STONE COIN project directly with the President of the Board.

If you’re a newcomer and have not yet been introduced to ExMarkets, visit our trading platform now to register your account and be ready when the time comes.

More about THE STONE COIN project

One priority of THE STONE COIN project is to reduce the risk through a vehicle of decoupling the real estate portfolio value from regional price movements in the national markets. This endeavor should help to ensure that the company outperforms its regional counterparts will prolong the existence of the token system and provide an incentive for new members to join in[1].

According to the project, THE STONE COIN is not security nor an asset-backed token, but it is a pure payment token with a complete THE STONE COIN ecosystem in the making. The company behind the project is called THE STONE COIN AG and is based in Triesen (Liechtenstein) which is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Limmatier Invest AG based in Baar (Switzerland).

THE STONE COIN being deployed to ATMs in Europe

Another issue that gives a boost of validity to THE STONE COIN project is the inclusion of the token into Cryptocurrency ATMs. Austria was the first country that implemented THE STONE COIN together with Bitcoin into Coinway’s machines. Switzerland and South America are to follow next. This initiative should help increase the coverage and usability of the coin. For some people novelty is not attractive and they may not be willing to open digital wallets and differentiate between private and public keys but they will not mind buying cryptocurrency from an ATM, a machine they’re accustomed to and that takes their surplus Euros and Swiss Francs and changes them into a modern and secure currency.

THE STONE COIN has a few distinct advantages that might prove worthy of consideration not only for the existing cryptocurrency user base but also for people who have nothing to do with it. The infrastructure is built in a way that it allows speculation on value that is still a very popular activity in the crypto market. THE STONE COIN can be used as a form of payment at the Point of Sales in an acceptance point system which is currently under construction in Europe. And the system and the company are backed by actually existing real-estate assets which are vital for the longevity and endurance of THE STONE COIN and the company. THE STONE COIN plans to initiate the development of the real estate portfolio no later than July 2019.

Helping the Ones in Need

The team of THE STONE COIN is not one for wasting any time and is trying to spread the awareness and usability of their coin even in advance of the creation of the REAL SHIELD real-estate portfolio.

THE STONE COIN is the key donation currency for the independent NGO charity portal Real World Inspire. Inside the portal, NGOs and non-profit movements will have the ability to independently register their goals and funding needs completely for free. All acquired donations will be managed exclusively with the help of THE STONE COIN, which immediately gives another real use-case for the new cryptocurrency.

Donors acquire STO coins and can donate them directly to the initiative or organization of their liking. The project has to hold STO for at least 90 days before it can start exchanging and using it. So as long as the donated sum is steadily growing which will eventually happen due to more NGOs participating, more projects being available for donations and through intensified marketing for the Donation Portal, the demand for STO created through the portal should by far outweigh the offered STO the NGOs are changing back after the 90 days holding period.

The big advantage of REAL WORLD INSPIRE powered by STO for the NGOs is that they receive at least 95% of the acquired funding in a transparent way thanks to the use of blockchain. These payments happen instantly and there are no associated middleman or administrator costs which a lot of times is the main criticism of existing charitable organizations. Usually, the mere upkeep of those world-wide organizations requires a share of half or more of the funds collected for the cause itself.

The portal opened in July of 2019 with more than 20 Peruvian associations participating in the first phase. The registration to the non-profit NGO crypto charity portal is now open and completely free for both, donors and NGOs.

“Actually, to be the key currency at REAL WORLD INSPIRE is my favorite development of the project so far: We are helping to fund good causes throughout the world, and especially in less developed countries where help and support are really needed. Furthermore, we are creating instant usability for THE STONE COIN on a global scale, and the demand for STO from donors will probably outweigh the offered STO at the exchanges. So guys, go ahead and start donating! All currencies help, and STO helps to bring the money where it is needed”, — reveals Michael H. Reinhold, Head of Marketing of THE STONE COIN.

Tokensale fundamentals

● Ticker: STO;

● Price: $2 USD;

● Bonus: Yes, 50% for Round I, 25% for Round II;

● KYC: Yes;

● Restricted countries: USA, Yemen, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Ethiopia, Serbia, Syria, Iran, China;

● Tokens for sale on ExMarkets: 100,000 STO;

● Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, EUR, USDC;

● Softcap: 1,500,000 — already reached;

● Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

THE STONE COIN is making great strides to foster coin adoption and geographical spread. If they manage to become the go-to coin for charity donations, it may have huge implications for the development of THE STONE COIN network. Coupled with thorough STO availability growth via crypto ATMs, the upward potential may be very aggressive.” — commented Christof Waton, the CBDO at ExMarkets and CoinStruction.

THE STONE COIN Team is attending Honk Kong Rise event on 8–11th July. If by any case you happen to be there, do not hesitate to visit THE STONE COIN’s booth and interact with the team. They will be more than ready to answer all your questions.

ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad will host the IEO sale. Take your chance to sign up now and get ready for the action!

See you when the IEO starts on Monday!


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