Sending Money to Friends Through Any Social Network Made Possible with TIG. IEO set to start on November 15th

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During these interconnected times we are living in, there’s a constant notion to do things faster, easier and without any real hassle. It started with a free movement of goods between borders, evolved into freely shared information in the form of the internet and currently is penetrating more sensitive aspects of everyday life — personal finances included.

People not only manage their money electronically through their smartphones, now they expect these devices to keep track of their spending habits, allow cash withdrawals anywhere in the world and in any currency for the cheapest exchange rates. And just recently cryptocurrencies entered the conversation as well, especially in the millennial socio-economic group.

The best thing is that there are projects like TIG that are exactly what we need right now. TIG has developed a community-oriented pathway to send money and other digital assets anywhere in the world completely free by using social networks and blockchain technology. It is going to be a better, faster and more inclusive platform non-discriminating system. It does not get any better than this, does it?

TIG has confirmed their Initial Exchange Offering and it will happen on ExMarkets LaunchPad from November 15th until the last day of February 2020. TIG tokens will be available for purchase in exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The IEO will consist of 5 separate rounds.

  • Round 1: 15 Nov — 22 Nov | Price: $0.018 | For current TIG token holders only;
  • Round 2: 9 Dec 2019–17 Dec | Bonus: 20% on Exchange prices;
  • Round 3: 10 Jan — 20 Jan 1| Bonus: 20%on Exchange prices;
  • Round 4: 28 Jan — 7 Feb 2020 | Bonus: 20%on Exchange prices;
  • Round 5: 17 Feb — 25 Feb 2020 | Bonus: 20% on Exchange prices;

“We decided to do an IEO with ExMarkets Launchpad because they have an excellent portal for investors and a solid reputation for successful IEOs. ExMarkets helped pioneer the IEO concept in 2018. We are doing this IEO to make sure we have sufficient funds to go to the market in early 2020. We don’t need funds for platform development work. TIG is ready to launch.” — said Darren Olney-Fraser, Co-founder of TIG.

TIG is building a revolutionary blockchain platform that will allow anyone to send money to friends and family anywhere on any social media platform. They released a working BETA product about 12 months ago, and are now entering their final launch phase. You can try out TIG’s BETA platform now on

If you want to be a part of the TIG journey, participate in the IEO and show your support. It may just be the most profitable support that you’ll ever show. The IEO starts on November 15th. Be on the when the action starts!

Getting to know TIG in-depth

TIG project started about 2 years ago, well before Facebook and Telegram announced their plans for a cryptocurrency on social networks. TIG has already built a working BETA product that can be tested on its . Therefore, the team behind TIG is confident that their product is going to beat the competition and go-to-market first in early 2020.

TIG’s competitive advantage is that anyone anywhere can send any currency on any social network!

TIG can support all of the world’s currencies, even non-mainstream currencies, and be especially helpful to underbanked communities and migrant workers who are frequently sending money back to their families in their home countries.

TIG users will be able to hold accounts in different fiat currencies as well as cryptocurrencies, withdraw and convert between them at will. During further stages, a lot of useful additional features will be added to enhance functionality and broaden the user base. For example, users will be able to pledge their assets for a short period of time and earn interest while on the other side people will have the chance to apply for a loan and take advantage of the Community Loan Program.

Fiat Global Interoperability

TIG has a network of local partners around the globe and has set up local bank accounts in the biggest regions of the world in order to service its Members in traditional fiat currencies besides cryptos.

While the BETA platform of TIG is active, local bank accounts are already active and operational in the UK, European Union, India, South Africa and South America. The local partners and regional coverage are being expanded on a weekly basis.

Members can deposit money into TIG’s community platform using any of the widely used means — in cash, by money transfer, money agents or VISA/Mastercard pathways.

Regulatory Landscape

There are a lot of forces acting in the financial sector and the regulatory force is as strong as anything else. If you want to touch other people’s money or offer them financial services, you must play by the rules that safeguard the public. Money is a sensitive issue and may change someone’s life for the better but it also can have an equally negative affect.

Therefore, the TIG team is taking all of the necessary precautions and they are closely following the regulatory requirements in the regions TIG is operating and dedicating resources to find out what is the most likely direction that regulatory requirements may change towards and how would they impact the business and more importantly their clients and their money.

TIG is ready to comply with all the relevant KYC and AML policies in respective jurisdictions and will take extra self-regulatory practices to reduce the risk of unwarranted or unlawful activity to the absolute minimum.

The official TIG community Code of Conduct states that it is a decentralized community which respects local laws and regulations, pays due taxes, takes responsibility for their own assets and their source of origins, does not indulge in fraud or abuse and is willing to cooperate with any government agency for the smooth and fast clarification of issues.

Why should you hold TIG tokens?

When deciding whether to participate in an IEO, the most important part for a lot of individuals, VC funds and other companies is to see that the underlying assets can bring value in the future.

One thing is clear, the TIG team has really thought this through. The TIG tokens are going to be the main digital currency within the financial platform — you will have to pay in TIG tokens in order to complete transfers, convert currencies or to complete a withdrawal. Also, there is the option of holding your TIG tokens in a designated savings account.

‘Quick Send’ is the main tool that will be utilized by platform members to send money in any currency of choice. When a client or a member clicks send, a one-time digital wallet is created with TIG tokens in it corresponding to the value of currency that is being sent. When the client wants to withdraw — the TIG tokens are converted back to the fiat currency and a bank transfer is executed to complete the transaction.

Besides ‘Quick Send’, ownership of TIG tokens will allow Members to unlock higher-tier platform services.

TIG tokens will be tradeable on the secondary market in various cryptocurrency exchanges and more, right here at ExMarkets.

To find out more about all the platform’s features and development plans the TIG team has put in place, read the official whitepaper or interact with the team on .

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: TIG;
  • Starting price: $0.018 USD/TIG;
  • Sale period: November 15th 2019 — February 28th 2020;
  • KYC: optional;
  • Softcap / Hardcap: $100,000 / $2,000,000;
  • Restricted countries: U.S., Australia, South Korea, Congo, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Yemen;
  • Round cap: 1,000,000 TIG for each of the rounds;
  • Payment currencies: ETH, BTC;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC223);

TIG’s IEO starts on November 15th — mark your calendars! See you on when the action starts!


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