Revolutionary Shopping Platform Goes Global: Reckoon IEO Launch

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While 2020 has just closed the first month of the year, the crypto market is showing some signs of strength. There are no crazy daily gains, but the market sentiment seems to be holding strong while slowly pushing the market upwards.

Similarly in the startup area, some legitimate projects are coming to the light of day going full steam into development and community-building mode. One such project has decided to join our IEO Launchpad for fundraising activities.

Reckoon is a global shopping platform that stands out via its proprietary developed Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol or GloWS for short, which feeds the retailer with more relevant and up-to-date information about the shopper while enhancing the shopper’s experience at the same time. GloWS fosters and stimulates the exchange of WishBasket related information between vendors, retailers, online shopping platforms to fulfill and even exceed client expectations.

Reckoon had developed a new piece of technology combining Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide shopping vendors an ability to create a deeply personalized and tailored shopping basket suggestions for Reckoon end-users. Using Reckoon’s revolutionary platform small and mid-tier local brands will have global exposure meanwhile global behemoth brands will be able to access niche markets like never before.

Priya Vrat Misra, Founder & CEO of reckoon says: “Exmarkets has provided us with a great platform for our IEO. They have supported us in getting prepared for the launch, as part of this relationship we are launching Pre-IEO exclusively on ExMarkets on 25Feb for a limited time. The Pre-IEO will have a 50% bonus.”

Reckoon is really set to bring about change in the way we shop for things in our daily lives. Reckoon Pre-IEO is set to launch on the 25th of February, exclusively on Exmarkets, ending on the 1st of March. This will be followed by 2 rounds as below. ROOK tokens will be sold at $0.20 per token with an added 30% and 20% bonus for the first two rounds respectively.

  • Round I: 10th March — 23th March | Price: $0.20 | Bonus: 30%
  • Round 2: 24th March — 6 April | Price: $0.20 | Bonus: 20%

Reckoon IEO terminal is already live, go ahead and check it out while gathering spare funds for the IEO. Be sure to register an account on ExMarkets to make your work easier and faster when the IEO goes live.

The Anatomy of Reckoon Shopping Platform & GloWS Protocol

Reckoon Team follows a distinct vision to remove the competition and boundaries between the forms of in-store and online shopping. A better understanding put forward by an in-depth intent analysis will result in a way better and seamless outcome for retailers. And who doesn’t like to cater exactly what the client wants?

At the very core of the Reckoon is the GloWS protocol — a modern solution that utilizes the use of Smart Contracts to achieve beneficial goals both for the retailers and their customers. In its essence, the protocol will connect various key parts of the shopping industry, namely consumers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors and all sorts of global and local brands into one chain.

A user such as you and I will be able to tag or highlight a product he/she wants and wait for a proposition, removing the need of an intermediary, with the user having full control over their data. Businesses and brands will have the chance to make use of the state-of-the-art GloWS protocol through API connectivity.

Reckoon is merging the advantages of both sides of the coin — social power of online advertising and stay-at-home shopping and the instant-gratification of physical brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

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This novel approach to a global industry literally worth trillions of dollars is about to bring many benefits to all parties involved. Users will have tailored promotions and deals comprised just for them, have an easy way of finding the products they need at the best possible price, quality and time and all in one place — Reckoon shopping platform.

Sellers, on the other hand, will enjoy an increased market reach and exposure, will improve customer satisfaction and in turn spike up retention numbers as well as spark brand loyalty.

Tokensale fundamentals

Reckoon PRE-IEO starts on February 25th. Do not miss your chance to participate and get behind the Global WishBasket Shopping Protocol’s ascendance to world-wide fame,

  • Ticker: ROOK;
  • Price: $0.2 USD/ROOK;
  • PRE-IEO 25th Feb — 1st March | Price: $0.20 | Bonus: 50%
  • Round I: 10th March — 23th March | Price: $0.20 | Bonus: 30%
  • Round 2: 24th March — 6 April | Price: $0.20 | Bonus: 20%
  • KYC: Yes;
  • Restricted countries: TBC;
  • Token total supply: 500,000,000 ROOK;
  • Available for sale: 25,000,000 ROOK;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDC;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

Reckoon IEO launches on February 24th. Make no mistake and circle your calendars for the big day as we expect a lot of activity on their IEO LaunchPad terminal. Available tokens are expected to melt fast. See you on the big day!


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