Payments revitalized: Electronic settlement system Payment Porte cements IEO plans (Aug 19th)

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While Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra is receiving significant criticisms from both the cryptocurrency industry as well as global regulators, there is competition which is not wasting any time to develop the new wave to move money domestically and across international borders.

Such a project, Payment Porte has finalized plans and will be launching Initial Exchange Offering on ExMarkets Launchpad. The sale will be live from August 19th until August 24th.

Payment Porte is creating an efficient, fast and secure solution for enterprises, and individuals to conduct virtual payments and digital asset transfers on demand. It aims to become a global solution for payments through the introduction of pre-paid crypto cards, linked to users wallets.

Based on Payment Porte research, the digital payment market is growing drastically every year and the trend is likely to continue accumulating about 12.7% (CAGR) on average. Moreover, the global remittance market is also on the rise. It has reached 1.93 billion USD in 2018 and is forecasted to expand up to a staggering 8.61 billion USD in 2025. That’s a 23.8% yearly growth.

Similarly, the blockchain and crypto industry is growing every year. That’s the reason why Payment Porte believes now is the most opportune time to penetrate the market and innovate — with such huge demand for digital payments the one with the best solution to a problem will reap the benefits and market attention.

“We are building the New Wave of digital payment solutions, for the Maritime and shipping industry. Once we bring education and adoption from traditional markets we will focus on SME’s and share this value proposition to assist in their efficiency and bottom line” — founder Jeff Catalano.

PORTE token sale on ExMarkets launches on August 19th. The project will accept BTC, ETH and EURO contributions in exchange for the tokens. Be ahead of the curve and help Payment Porte to become the global leader in electronic payments.

Visit ExMarkets now to register an account and get ready for the sale.

Inner Workings of Payment Porte

Payment Porte is a Panama-based corporation that is working with the Porte token foundation to take action and provide a more feasible alternative to the traditional narrative on how cross-border payments are done in the present day.

To achieve their goals, Payment Porte team is starting product development with a narrowed focus on the ocean freight and shipping industry. The project will present an efficient payment gateway for enterprises that will allow transferring funds at a low flat % rate. All transactions will be recorded on the open-source Stellar blockchain to ensure the integrity and the transparent nature of the ecosystem. Payment Porte will carry out transfers in seconds, settlements within 24 hrs and enable enterprises to manage multi-currency assets on a virtual database.

In order to have a better understanding of the Payment Porte project, watch the official explanatory video or read through the whitepaper.

Transaction schematics on Payment Porte

The platform is being built in order to support both mobile and desktop applications. When a registered user wants to initiate a transaction, a non-custodial, bifold network wallet will be created where only the user himself will be the sole owner of the private keys and no third party will be able to access them.

Once the payment instruction is received, a smart contract will be generated in order to hold the payment amount in escrow until all specified conditions are fulfilled. Fees of Payment Porte platform are calculated in fiat and charged in PORTE tokens upon checkout based on the last 24h average exchange rate. When the payment and the fee charge is settled, the wallet address is closed and not to be used again followed by an SMS confirmation.

Payment Porte is working on a solution to provide real-time settlements via P2P transactions and support fiat transfers to bank accounts through API connectivity with supported network commercial banks.

Multi-Asset Transfer Functionality in Payment Porte

The fact that Payment Porte is utilizing Stellar blockchain gives it a meaningful advantage — it allows the Payment Porte to introduce the functionality of sending and receiving different digital assets.

In its essence, Porte token can be categorized as a utility token and credit note. It has a dichotic structure: contains both a code and an issuer id. So whenever you trade assets or fiat, what you are actually doing is exchanging credit notes and they can be denominated in specific underlying currencies or virtual assets that both parties agree to transact in.

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: PORTE;
  • Price: $0.05 USD;
  • Bonus: Yes, 10%;
  • Restricted countries: The U.S., PR of China;
  • Total token supply: 700,000,000 PORTE;
  • Available for sale: 350,000,000 PORTE;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: $1,500,000/$9,000,000 USD;
  • Payment currencies: ETH, BTC, EUR;
  • Blockchain: Stellar network protocol;

Payment Porte starts on August 19th and will run for 6 days selling PORTEs at $0.05 USD each. The IEO terminal is already live and counting down the minutes until the launch. Visit to investigate and find out all of the details.

Circle your calendars for the date and do not forget to open up an ExMarkets account in advance. Register at

P.S. Do you speak Russian? Here’s a recent Payment Porte Youtube review for your pleasure.


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