PayAccept, An EU-based crypto, and fiat payment processor announces its IEO on ExMarkets

ExMarkets LaunchPad will host PayAccept’s IEO and will be the official vendor to buy PAYT

While the world is recovering from the Covid-19 epidemic, one sector that has recorded positive growth during this era is eCommerce. Despite lockdowns, eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba have allowed people to get their desired items directly.

The convenience, affordability, and vast array of products offered by eCommerce platforms shows some of the benefits of the eCommerce industry. Still, having significant growth of the industry in mind — the global online retail market that is expected to surpass $4.5 Trillion by 2020 — eCommerce industry faces numerous issues. Outdated payment methods, complicated & expensive point of sale solutions, especially in developing countries, hefty transactional costs, inadequate or biased dispute resolution mechanisms, and lack of availability to accept crypto-based payments are critical barriers of advancement.

PayAccept is a forward-looking blockchain project that aims to streamline eCommerce by allowing eCommerce stores to be their Point of Sale, directly from their mobile app. PayAccept uses an innovative digital wallet mechanism whereby it offers users an intuitive layout, powerful and lightning-fast features, and maximum security of funds. PayAccept strives to leverage blockchain and cryptocurrency and, in doing so, resolve the issues faced by consumers and retailers.

It serves as a state of the art payment processor, accepting both traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, enabling buying and selling of online products in a seamless, transparent way at minimal transactional costs. It offers an easy to operate point of sale solution that can be installed on any smartphone, enabling merchants to sell products without involving a middleman who previously would be taking a quarter of the amount used for the respective order activity.

“We are on a mission to change how citizens of the world interact with blockchain technology and traditional finance by bringing digital wallet management to the masses. Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone around the world with access to financial resources.” - Commented the CEO of PayAccept.

PayAccept Payment cards

PayAccept also aims to offer significant network brand debit and credit cards, by default enabling it to be accepted at millions of locations and payment terminals worldwide. The cryptocurrency or fiat card balances will be directly funded from a user’s wallet. Users will be able to spend their fiat directly and convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies with real-time conversions powered by liquidity providers and exchanges. Users will be able to connect a preferred cryptocurrency to the card for payments; otherwise, as a backup, traditional fiat for payments will always be available given a positive balance. PayAccept cards will have a QR-code and integrated NFC chip that will communicate with PayAccept payment terminals.

Tokensale fundamentals

PayAccept IEO is a fundraising activity whereby the founders and management aim to allow public participation within the PayAccept ecosystem. In this regard, the native token of PayAccept, i.e., PAYT, an ERC20 based token, will be available for purchase on the EXMarkets Launch a leading Europe based crypto exchange and launchpad. Prospect buyers of the token will be required to make payments in the crypto pairs mentioned below, and get their tokens directly in the exchange-based PAYT wallet after the IEO event.

  • Ticker: PAYT
  • Starting conversion rate: 1ETH = 1,000 PAYT;
  • Bonus: 20% on first-day contributions;
  • KYC: No;
  • Restricted countries: North Korea, Iran;
  • Token supply / available for sale: 45,000,000 / 5,000,000;
  • Softcap /Hardcap: $1,000,000 USD / $10,000,000 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

About PayAccept

PayAccept is a decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology company headquartered in the Netherlands that offers its clients cryptocurrency and fiat payment processing, financing, loans, card issuances, and risk management services. PayAccept is developing a decentralized crypto asset wallet and various technological solutions for merchants to accept payments in a wide range of (crypto)currencies worldwide.

Social Links of PayAccept

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About ExMarkets

ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art trading engine developed in-house. On the exchange, ExMarkets users can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies and gain the chance to participate in the token sales of the most promising blockchain and crypto projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad.

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