More is always better: MorCrypto decides to host IEO on ExMarkets

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The 4th month of 2020 has already started and we’re moving along as fast as ever. Recently, there has been an ongoing trend in developing economies sprouting up with novel cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

This time we have some more good news coming from Africa. MorCrypto, a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform with a multi-faceted layer protocol, developed by a Nigerian team is going to host their Initial Exchange Offering on ExMarkets starting on April 10th.

MorCrypto is a digital investment platform that offers its customers a P2P trading infrastructure, AI-fueled system, the ability to co-join crypto mining, e-commerce platform or participate in the crypto-based gaming platform.

The team behind MorCrypto is pioneering blockchain penetration in the African continent and is striving to innovate novel technology in order to facilitate and foster blockchain and crypto technology in Africa.

The IEO will start on April 10th and will continue for two rounds, each lasting for 5 full days, ending on April 20th. During the first round, native MOR tokens will be sold for $0.005 USD while going up to $0.006 during the second round of MOR IEO. The sooner you join in, the more you will save in the end.

  • Round I: April 10th — April 15th | Price: $0.005 USD
  • Round II: April 16th — April 20th | Price: $0.006 USD

Further development plans of MOR include the launch of MOR engine, an AI-propelled exchange system for experienced and inexperienced traders, an e-commerce platform, a mining farm, and a gaming platform.” — said MorCrypto co-founder.

MorCrypto token ‘MOR’ is already in circulation and is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

The IEO page terminal is already live on ExMarkets. You are welcome to visit it and check it out. Do not forget to sign up if you have not already done that.

More details about MorCrypto

MorCrypto prides itself on being the crypto heartbeat of Africa that understands and appreciates the potential and use-cases of blockchain technology and the crypto economy. The project is based in Nigeria and is set to have 4 different essential parts: digital asset exchange, a mining farm, an e-commerce platform, and a gaming infrastructure.

On the Mor exchange, individuals and traders will have the opportunity to acquire and trade digital assets as well as for cryptocurrencies between each other and against the market.

The central banking authority in Nigeria is actively investigating the application of blockchain which gives a positive outlook for future adoption from a regulatory perspective. It is discussed that the financial and energy sectors have the most to gain from a rightful utilization of blockchain.

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Mor Mining Farm will use the processing power of enrolled members to produce cryptocurrency in order to maintain the system, earn benefits and give the provide the chance for MOR holders to earn cryptocurrency just by holding MOR.

The e-commerce plan will invite merchants from Africa and all over the world to join their system and list their goods on a global online platform and sell them over it. The e-commerce platform will give MOR hodlers an extra use case and will offer to acquire the world’s best brand products at a discounted rate.

Last but not least, MorCrypto is also building a sports games app. Nigerian community is very active in the sports entertainment industry and is eagerly watching as well as betting on the most active sports events in real-time in Mor tokens or in fiat money. The sports game app will be available globally on both Android and Mac OS operating systems.

You can listen to a Youtube video review of the MorCrypto project by following this link.

Tokensale fundamentals

  • Ticker: MOR;
  • Price: $0.005 USD;
  • Bonus: yes, based on IEO round;
  • KYC: Yes;
  • Restricted countries: The USA and China;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: $250,000 USD/ 1,000,000 USD;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20).

The IEO is starting on April 10th and is offering a larger bonus to those who participate in the first round. As usual, it pays off to be the early adopter. Don’t snooze and take your chance with MorCrypto.

Should you have any questions, ask away on ExMarkets Telegram Group or visit MorCrypto community’s chatroom on Telegram.


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