Moozicore — the change we needed in the streaming music industry

Let us introduce one more project to appear on ExMarkets Launchpad on the 20th of May. Everyone clap your hands for Moozicore — the world’s first music streaming service on blockchain.

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Be a part of the change, visit ExMarkets exchange, register your account and get your MZG tokens!

More about Moozicore — a music streaming service powered by blockchain

Moozicore is a revolutionary music service for venues where music is essential for customers. Their service transforms background music into an interactive customer-sourced playlist.

Moozicore goal is to evolve places such as bars, restaurants, gyms and any other entertainment venues by creating personalised, social music experience for each customer.

Moozicore, how does it work?

Get control over the music in your favourite place, right from your smartphone. Vote on upcoming songs and influence what is played next. Download Moozicore from their website and get control over the music in your favourite place.

What amazing things can you do if you have the application as a user:

  • Voting on upcoming music to influence when it’’ played
  • Picking songs from venue’’ pre-approved library to be played next
  • Adding songs to current venue’s playlist at the end of the queue
  • Sharing song plays on social media with photos and tagged friends
  • Creating personalised playlists in the Moozicore Dashboard or import your own from Spotify or Apple Music

What benefits you have if you’re using Moozicore at your business venues:

  • Forget the stress of choosing the perfect music for your customer and let them choose what they REALLY want
  • You will get 20% of every amount spent by your customers using Moozicore in your business place

Adam Krzak the CEO & Co-Counder of Moozicore had shared his rationale for choosing ExMarkets for say about the upcoming IEO:

“ExMarkets provides high levels of safety, trust, and efficiency for Moozicore investors. This IEO will also guarantee listing on the ExMarkets exchange that will provide an additional level of liquidity and trading volume for MZG”

The Mooziecore IEO will take place from the 20th of May till the 9th of June 2019.

IEO fundamentals:

  • Start date: 20th May 2019
  • Token symbol: MZG
  • Token price: 0.0185 USD
  • Tokens reserved for IEO: 105,000,000 MZG
  • Currency pairs: BTC, ETH


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CoinStruction liquidity framework is a backend layer powered by a state-of-the-art order matching engine with an integrated multi-currency digital wallet Coinam.

All IT solutions and technology of ExMarkets, Coinam, and all CoinStruction’s services are developed in-house guaranteeing that all security threats and third-party associated risks are kept at minimum levels throughout all stages of product deployment.

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