Meter-long steps in a game of inches: MeterQubes DEX cements IEO plans on ExMarkets
5 min readSep 27, 2019


There are new ideas, projects, and startups coming up in the cryptocurrency space on a daily basis, but rarely one can meet a true gem in the making. It pays to be in the position to recognize such a project as early as possible. And today, we believe we are presenting one to you, ExMarkets users.

Meet MeterQubes. A brand new decentralized digital asset exchange powered by the state-of-the-art technologies and a robust distributed ledger protocol. MeterQubes are developing an all-round easy-to-use solution that is oriented to cater to the needs of both cryptocurrency veterans and industry newcomers alike.

Meterqubes is a Dex that is developed with crypto in mind, rather than just trading. Meterqubes is a Dex that gives that familiar trading experience that the traders are used to, whereas at the same time it is very crypto oriented having insights and tools that were designed to contribute to the overall experience of trading digital assets. This means minimizing your losses, maximizing your profits and strategizing your investments based on the hype scores and social volumes.” — that’s how Ahmed Al Marjaby, the founder and CEO of MeterQubes described the project in his own words.

MeterQubes IEO starts on the second of October and will run until the 20th day of the month. To make a good deal into a better one, the MeterQubes team is offering a mighty 30% discount on MEQ tokens for ExMarkets users.

Don’t blow this opportunity, that might never come by again — hurry up to ExMarkets LaunchPad to check the MeterQubes page out and do not forget to register an account if you haven’t already. The Initial Exchange Offering starts on October 2nd!

MeterQubes under a microscope

The team behind MeterQubes is working hard to make their decentralized exchange to work on their clients’ behalf. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just relax while the AI-infused trading bot would generate you crypto in the background?

In its essence, a decentralized exchange or a DEX is nothing more than a decentralized orderbook that allows peer to peer trading. It seems pretty simplistic at first glance, but if you want to manage hundreds or even thousands of anonymous trades simultaneously — problems start to arise.

To fight scalability obstacles, the MeterQubes team is developing a fully-automated trading solution that would remove the necessity of human interaction while executing trades. This strenuous task will be overcome through a multi-step approach: introduction of intelligent trading bots and algorithmic trading.

It should empower willing traders to focus on getting the best price for their trades without worrying about impacting the overall market price of the underlying asset — an especially worrying problem for coins with trading volumes or little trader engagement.

MEQ Token Burn

What is also showcasing MeterQubes commitment to its users is its token burn strategy put in place in order to maintain MEQ native token price volatility at minimum. Token burn strategy is largely based Binance’s burn strat.

MeterQubes are willing to use 15% of the profits made from trading fees to buy back MEQ tokens from the market and burn them until 35% of the total supply has been evaporated. There are multiple benefits of token burning, some of them include:

  • Sustainable increase of token value over time;
  • Incentivizes traders to hold native MEQ tokens;
  • Facilitates the usage of MEQ tokens inside the MeterQubes platform;

Additional Features

MeterQubes is adding some extra deal sweeteners for their future users and is incorporating them into development plans. First of all, platform features will be fragmented into different unlockable tiers which will allow for both active daily traders as well as crypto newcomers find the best price/quality ratio based on their individual needs.

Moreover, MeterQubes will share GAS fees with traders and is virtually the first platform on the globe to propose something like this. Algorithmic traders will have the option to share their custom strategies with the general public and gain a little extra on the side. On top of that, in-house developed sentiment analysis tools will provide the option of streamlining trading decisions for long-term success.

There are many other exciting features that the team has planned for the MeterQubes platform. Feel free to read through the official Whitepaper or watch MeterQubes explanatory video

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: MEQ;
  • Price: $0.0385 USD;
  • Discount: -30%;
  • KYC: No;
  • Tokens for sale: 150,000,000 MEQ;
  • Accepted payment methods: BTC, ETH, USDC;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: $1,500,000/$4,000,000 USD;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

MeterQubes are putting efforts to empower the user of cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens by contributing to the overall blockchain industry to make the ecosystem a more secure and transparent playing field for everyone involved.

Join the revolutionary AI-powered decentralized exchange and let the platform work on your behalf. With MeterQubes state-of-the-art sentiment analysis and deep learning algorithms, your decision-making efforts will be streamlined.

The IEO starts on October 2nd! Don’t miss your chance to become a part of this ambitious enterprise. Head over to MeterQubes IEO terminal right now!


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