MenaPay mobile payment app IEO launches March 15th

The Middle East and North African (MENA) payment processor startup MenaPAy has picked ExMarkets LaunchPad to conduct its tokensale. The ability to purchase MenaPay tokens will turn on right in the middle of the following month — March 15th.

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MenaPay is a payment system oriented to help the MENA region and its younger part of the population to control their finance, make payments and transactions easier, faster and more secure than anytime before.

The extensive and far-reaching team of MenaPay is creating a new standard in the crypto industry for the level of participatory returns, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors. Its multi-faceted business model will fight for market share in the following areas: P2P Transactions, P2M Peer to Merchant Payments, M2F Merchant to Foundation and Green Mining.

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MenaPay ecosystem schematics

Regarding product selection, the project also has its hands full on developing a few interrelated offerings at the same time.

  • Mobile APPFast and secure transactions and rapid onboarding to the crypto space

GM of Menapay, T. Odoglu said: “We plan to covenant with 200 exchange platforms by the end of February, and at the beginning of June, MenaPay tokens can be exchanged with other currencies on the exchanges.

IEO fundamentals:

  • Start date: 31st of March, 2019

MenaPay’s development team has a visionary leader who distributes objectives between the team members according to their abilities and closely monitors their performance to achieve optimal results and allocate resources effectively. Close mutual cooperation is one of the cornerstones allowing the team to quickly progress along their official roadmap.

Transforming the unbanked

The research made in Turkey regarding financial literacy implies that the younger generation is not educated enough and 31% of ages 15 and above still do not have access to banking services.

What is more, around 75% of youngsters in the region do not know the meaning of the word inflation. MenaPay is getting ready to revolutionize the habits of spending money and managing funds of the entire population in Turkey — mostly aiming for the young population.

The application replaces traditional payment methods with a blockchain-based, fully-backed cryptocurrency to provide a secure and transparent payment processing vehicle.

MenaPay is creating a new standard in the crypto industry for the level of participatory returns, beyond the regular incentives for users and investors.

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Benefits of hosting an IEO

There are numerous reasons why an IEO seem to be a more feasible decision for upcoming projects. First of all, it’s an instant assurance to the project community that their token will have liquidity after the tokensale ends.

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Visit ExMarkets Launchpad

Moreover, doing an IEO makes it harder for Telegram and Twitter frauds to try and scam project supporters out of their funds by direct messaging them and trying to convince to send their valuable Ethereum or Bitcoin to the wrong wallet address.

Also, IEO provides an additional buyer audience — native users of the chosen exchange that are already using the cryptocurrency exchange to buy, hold and trade their digital assets.


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CoinStruction liquidity framework is a backend layer powered by a state-of-the-art order matching engine with an integrated multi-currency digital wallet Coinam.

All IT solutions and technology of ExMarkets, Coinam, and all CoinStruction’s services are developed in-house guaranteeing that all security threats and third-party associated risks are kept at minimum levels throughout all stages of product deployment.

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