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The golden hour has arrived. ExMarkets has finally upgraded its user interface and now has a fresh new ‘look & feel’. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, you guys are missing out! Head over to our exchange and experience it for yourselves.

This upgrade marks the beginning of a new era for Exmarkets. With our revamped and more intuitive infrastructure, we will be able to provide an improved experience for our traders and crypto newcomers. This moment was highly anticipated and we want to extend our thanks to all the people who were involved and helped us along the way. It tools us a while, but we’re finally here and ready to RUMBLE!

ExMarkets is slowly but surely becoming a recognized brand in the cryptocurrency industry and we’re extremely proud to be helping crypto projects and startups to make their mark in the world.

Within the first 18 months of operation, ExMarkets managed to gather 70,000 trader accounts, more than 100 trading pairs, climbed to reach $20,000,000 in daily volume, and hosted approximately 60 IEO projects making ExMarkets the most active IEO startup accelerator hub in the world!

So What Should You Know?

1-Click Registration — First of all, we have simplified the registration process to the bare minimum. All a new user has to do is fill in his email and click a button. An email with the initial password is then sent to the person’s account allowing almost instant log-in. Piece of Cake.

No KYC required — Did you know ExMarkets does not require users to complete strenuous and frustrating KYC procedures for crypto-to-crypto (C2C) trading? Just register an account and be the master of your coin and your fate: deposit, withdraw, and trade on ExMarkets freely and anonymously. Privacy is King.

0% Fees on Deposits & Withdrawals — What’s yours is yours. ExMarkets does not charge any hidden or visible fees on your crypto bags. It does not matter whether you are depositing or withdrawing: we will not charge you anything besides applicable trading fees.

Coming Soon: What to Expect?

The season of changes has just begun and there are plenty of exciting ExMarkets updates and upgrades coming up in the nearby future. 2020 is going to be a big year for ExMarkets and the whole crypto industry, you better believe it. So, let’s get down to it, shall we?

Staking Pools (coming soon)

Yes, you read it right. ExMarkets is integrating the staking feature in the immediate future. Our users will have the opportunity to passively earn coin and token interest just by entering into an agreement to keep dedicated coins on designated ExMarkets staking wallets.

Projects which are listed on ExMarkets will be able to open limited-amount staking pools and reward participants with a pre-agreed weekly reward for hodling. Rewards will be paid out on a weekly basis meanwhile at the same time giving token holders the ability to add coins received as rewards back to the staking pool and thus enter into a compounding interest mechanism.

Staking pools will operate on the first-in-first-served basis and will usually be of a limited amount, therefore might be filled very quickly. Be sure to follow ExMarkets on social media and frequently visit the official Telegram group to hear the news as soon as they are announced.

At the second stage of staking, ExMarkets will add the functionality to choose an alternative reward payment option: users will be able to lower the reward interest rate but get Tether (USDT) as staking rewards. First staking pools and more information about the terms & conditions is going to be published soon. Keep your eyes open!

Social Trading (coming soon)

One more thing that we are working hard to add on our platform is crypto social trading. With social trading, inexperienced users and newly made traders in exchange for a small subscription fee will have the chance to follow professionals and precisely copy their trades for personal benefit.

Social trading gives a great way for experienced crypto trading veterans to add an extra revenue stream. Meanwhile, the industry’s beginners get a chance to learn from the PROs directly, consult with them on different trades and strategies.

Social trading has been gaining momentum in the crypto and forex trading worlds and ExMarkets is soon to follow!

Crypto is Entering A New Bullrun

Maybe the headline might be a bit preemptive, but most of us here at ExMarkets and the people we interact with are feeling that tingling feeling in their bellies. Altcoins are acting up, the crypto market cap is growing, Bitcoin dominance is shrinking — all the signs are there.

We hope to bring more and more people into crypto, help them achieve financial independence and wealth. That’s the reason we are doing all these updates, simplifying onboarding, making it easy to get started and learn as you go. There is a chance that crypto can truly change the world, change the financial system and make it fairer to regular people. That’s what we are fighting for. Join us at ExMarkets.

If you or your acquaintance is looking for a token listing or launching an IEO on our exchange, do not hesitate and drop us an email on launchpad@exmarkets.com — we will get back to you in no time.

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