Impartial Programmable Fairness Meets Blockchain: Square Queue IEO begins on May 1st

As these critical times are passing by and more than half of the world is on lockdown, the digital economy is taking no days off and is moving forward with an even more rapid rate. The development is signified by the overall cryptocurrency market volume, recovering prices, and the vast selection of crypto startups joining the space.

ExMarkets is proud to be a part of the cryptocurrency economy acceleration and host Initial Exchange Offerings on our IEO LaunchPad. Starting May 1st Square Queue, a virtual society project that is based on True Random Number Generator (TRNG) as well as complementary peer-reviewed and proven data science methods. Using proprietary algorithms Square Queue is bringing transparency

Based on the True Random Number Generator(TRNG), Square Queue embodies a virtual society that encompasses a wide range of data science. By implementing a thorough mathematical model, Users can easily achieve high-level information that is difficult to achieve in the real world.

According to the Square Queue (SQ) team, the development and honest application of TRNG systems are way more difficult that can be expected initially due to the unwarranted utilization of the pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs) which may be used as a proxy for TRNGs in order to save computing resources and processing power but can actually be predicted and compromise the whole system.

While we as a society attribute more and more importance to our digitally-run infrastructure and expect that these systems are based on math proofs that are verifiable & true, the issue of using the appropriate cryptographic and mathematical methods is essential for our future value systems and deep learning advancements.

The team has already built applications and games that use provable things Random Data source and ensures that the system provides a safe and secure random result to the user. And the best part is, the code is open-source, so any developer, math whiz, or a crypto enthusiast can go and investigate how it works.

Square Queue aims to break through the limits of the blockchain by implementing the most logical and most mathematical technology”, — Leon Kim, CEO Developer, Square Queue.

Square Queue Initial Exchange Offering is starting on May 1st and will consist of 3 separate rounds and will end on the 22nd day of the same month. The SQ tokens will be on sale during this period of time on ExMarkets with the starting price of $1.2 USD at 20% in the first round and will gradually increase to $1.5 USD in round 3.

  • Round I: May 1st — May 8th | Price: $1.2 USD | Discount: Yes, 20%
  • Round II: May 9th — May 16th | Price: $1.35 USD | Discount: Yes, 10%
  • Round III: May 17th — May 22nd | Price: $1.5 USD | Discount: No

Square Queue IEO will be hosted by ExMarkets LaunchPad. Do remember to open up an account on the platform to get ready in advance.

How is Square Queue going to work?

From the viewpoint of computer developers, the real world we live in is very abstract making it hard to put a firm grasp on. In order to create a fair representation of natural processes, it is very important not to skew data while processing it.

Another issue that comes up with using the processed data is the factor of trust, especially if one is using methods developed by a third-party. If the processing cycle is tampered with or inadequately represented, there might be long-reaching consequences born from the system and result in failure, loss of information, or other travesties.

The position of the SQ team is that when a system is using a random number generator it should provide values that actually follow a mathematical probability distribution to prevent undesirable consequences. If the system is implemented via blockchain, then every user of the system can manually validate that prescribed values are actually random and not influenced in any way.

The vision of Square Queue is concentrating around creating a virtual society called the ‘Impartial Space’ that is fuelled by True Random Number Generators and associated mathematical models. The technology developed by the Square Queue team can be used by the global society in building encryption and deep learning applications, processing contracts, and ensuring mathematical balance in their infrastructures.

For more detailed and comprehensive information about the Square Queue project, download the official project whitepaper.

SQ token

The SQ token is the native unit of exchange that fuels the ‘Impartial Space’ in which data processing has no manipulation and provides results that accurately follows the natural probability distribution. The ‘Impartial space’ can be accessed and implemented in many gamified interfaces and processes that have to attribute a random, as well as verifiably uninfluenced value to a system which is especially required in deep learning and big data analysis.

Tokensale fundamentals

  • Ticker: SQ;
  • Price: $1.5 USD;
  • Bonus: yes, based on IEO round;
  • KYC: No;
  • Token supply / available for sale: 50,000,000 / 10,000,000
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)

The IEO is starting on May 1st and is offering a larger bonus to those who participate in the first round. As usual, it pays off to be the early adopter.

Don’t snooze and help make the digital economy a fairer and manipulation-proof environment.

Should you have any questions, ask away on ExMarkets Telegram Group or visit the official website of Square Queue.


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