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ExMarkets platform ( is a new generation crypto-exchange providing thick order books and deep liquidity thanks to a backend framework ( which aggregates data from several top external exchanges and runs order books clearance to display unbiased information and trade execution efficiency to ExMarkets users.

Our platform is proposing ERC20/777 utility tokens that match our listing pre-requisite and policy.

ExMarkets enable customers to trade up to 12 crypto-pairs among most traded crypto assets, at low transaction fees, with deep volume, 24h/7.

Deposits are held in a cold wallet CoinAM connected to both platforms until funds withdrawal. Crypto-pairs liquidity are provided by internal orders and backed-up by 8 major exchanges platforms, aggregated and adjusted by CoinStruction Liquidity Framework, giving constant thickness to order books.

The exchanges offer a listing service for ERC20/777 tokens and allow conversion in BTC, ETH and USDT 24h/7. The liquidity provided by the platform to specific tokens’ order books is tailor-made for each client, depending on its conditions, objectives and amount of collaterals allocated for market-making.

The future of crypto trading is here!

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