Grasp the Golden Opportunity: Participate in Sudan Gold Coin IEO on ExMarkets

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During this time of the world’s economic and public safety uncertainty, digital projects keep on progressing, keep on doing the hard work to change our future. That’s the nice thing about being involved in technology — you can do it from your home sitting with a laptop.

At ExMarkets we’re constantly trying to bring more value to our community to make them happy. So you can expect more good news coming from us, new listings, new exciting projects on the LaunchPad as well as new feature additions. In other words, business as usual.

One of such projects we’re delighted to host their IEO for is Sudan Gold Coin (SGC). It is a cutting-edge project oriented toward the disruption of the precious metal industry. By taking advantage of the blockchain technology, the SGC team is building a decentralized platform on which users will have the chance to collect and monitor transparent market data about the precious metal industry and safely trade these commodities among themselves.

A brand like ExMarkets fits perfectly into the current development strategy of our company through collaborations with partners of great value. This agreement will focus on enhancing our brand in the blockchain world. Transparency through the activities that we will go and implement together. The ambition to grow together in the near future remains constant. ExMarkets has always been one of the leading digital asset trading platforms and for these reasons, we decided to launch our IEO on their launchpad— told Elijah Ifeanyi CMO of Sudan Gold Coin.

Sudan Gold Coin’s IEO is already up and running on ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad and Dobi Trade platform. Go to ExMarkets now and visit SGC’s IEO terminal to acquire your share of this revolutionary platform. The IEO is structured of 3 different rounds with varying discounts available. The earlier you join, the larger the discount you will be eligible for.

  • Round I: 16.03.2020–26.03.2020 |Price: $0.06 USD | Discount: 40%
  • Round II: 28.03.2020–07.04.2020 |Price: $0.075 USD | Discount 25%
  • Round III: 09.04.2020–19.04.2020| Price: $0.085 USD | Discount 15%

See you on the launchpad, contributions in BTC, ETH or USDC are accepted for the IEO period.

Inside Sudan Gold Coin project

Sudan Gold Coin is giving the crypto community the opportunity to invest in the real production of gold with a high confidence level and ensured fair distribution of profits. Developed by a team of balanced professionals from key areas of business and precious metal manufacturing areas, the SGC project has already secured fruitful partnerships with various marketing and digital promotion cooperatives to help reach a significantly large global investor base.

One of the beneficial factors working for the project is the favorable approach and regulatory environment facilitation by the Sudanese government. Apparently, it has made continuous effort to make the business environment around Foreign Direct Investment into gold mining and surrounding logistics.

It is fairly easy to get land concessions and get commercial land leases for periods stemming from 21 years and upwards. There are no restrictions on the profit or export of mined metals or hard currency outside the country’s border.

To make a good deal even sweeter, mining operations and businesses operating in precious metal mining are not required to pay taxes on profit for the first 10 years after the start of commercial production.

The business operation of SGC will have a 3-layer structure: Estonian company, UAE company and local Sudanese company to accommodate all of the required processes for the success of the project. Estonian-side will take advantage of the favorable condition for blockchain and token-based businesses, the United Araba Emirates company will act as the Foreign Direct Investor in Sudan and the local company will take care of regional, workforce, land lease and related matters. The SGC is to operate a gold mine with an open-pit excavation method with Heap Leaching processing algorithms.

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SGC holders and project supporters will have the exclusive right to purchase a designated amount of gold through the SGC decentralized platform. The initial gold to token ratio is set to be that 10 tokens will represent 0.004 gold (or $0.20).

SGC is giving the chance for its supporters to buy tokens backed by real gold production in a real Sudanese goldmine. Get to know more about the project by reading the white paper.

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: SGC;
  • Price: $0.075 USD;
  • Discount: 15–40% based on IEO round;
  • KYC: No;
  • Restricted countries: Bahamas, Botswana, Cuba, North Korea, Ghana, Serbia, Tunisia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lebanon, Liberia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Macedonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine and Venezuela, USA
  • Token total supply: 50,000,000 EMJ;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: $2,000,000 USD/ 5,000,000 USD;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDC;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20).
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“SGC is trying to take advantage of the favorable business environment for gold mine establishment and operation in Sudan. They are employing the token economy to greenlight individuals to invest into gold production without having to meet high capital requirements. As history has repeatedly shown, gold still remains a safe haven investment. We are delighted to host SGC IEO.” — commented D. Sharkey, the head of sales at ExMarkets and CoinStruction.

The SGC IEO is already LIVE on ExMarkets, hurry to the designated terminal to invest.

Should you have any questions ask away on ExMarkets Telegram Group or visit Sudan Gold Coin’s official Telegram group.


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