Gath3r, a website miner to substitute in-web ads launches IEO May 27th

Let us introduce yet another IEO member to ExMarkets LaunchPad: Everyone, welcome the Gath3r project as the newest addition to our ecosystem.

Gath3r is a cryptocurrency-based website miner which helps website owners to improve monetization through the integration of the Gath3r code to the website or app and therefore adding a new revenue stream without swarming visitors with unwanted ads.

It is a smart miner currently produced for websites but will be seeing an app release in the near future. Gath3r is offering a non-intrusive monetization method powered by self-optimizing algorithms which will determine the best approach based on available hash rate and profitability. It aims to be advantageous to both sides — the website owners and their users.

Gather has a novel idea that we believe can alleviate a lot of inefficiencies within the current digital advertising market. A lot of internet users are frustrated with banner ads and various kinds of pop-ups that are shoved into their computer screens. Gath3r seems to have found an alley that will be acceptable and profitable. We’re glad they chose ExMarkets to help them carry out their mission and secure funding” — Christof Waton, Chief Business Development Head at ExMarkets

Gath3r IEO will launch on May 27. Don’t forget to circle your calendars and do not miss out on the opportunity.

More about Gath3r

Gath3r offers a complex platform, introducing multiple features and creating an ecosystem that will benefit everyone using it, from website owners to developers and of course GTH investors.

It is the only Web-miner that allows publishers and decentralized blockchains to mutually benefit by merged mining via Gath3r. This increases profitability for publishers, as well as increasing the hashrate for the child chains that are mined.

Gath3r is the only web miner out there to offer this revolutionary feature. The business model is very simple — publishers have to host Gath3r’s code on their website and they will start earning money — the higher amount of website visits they generate — the lower is the commission they have to pay for the service.

And another great part is that web visitors have the option to choose if they want to participate in this endeavor. They have to opt-in and allow the website to use a part of their GPU/CPU power for mining, similar to the cookie model. Also, Gath3r’s proprietary technology allows to mine several coins simultaneously — a process also referred to as Merged Mining.

The digital advertising revenue model is considered intrusive and can adversely affect website higher bounce and dropout rates. As a result, websites that stuff their content with intrusive advertising can actually start losing customers. There’s an ever-growing amount of users that are beginning to use ad-blockers which in some cases negate a lot of revenue from publishers.

The Gath3r platform will run on its own blockchain, using a Proof Of Stake comprised of Masternodes, allowing for staking for GTH holders. Lite nodes will be used on a Proof Of Work basis, for features such as web mining.

Additionally, Gath3r will offer developers and businesses a one-stop-shop solution for forking and cloning off its blockchain, providing the opportunity to easily create new applications and platforms and expanding its proprietary technology.

Another important aspect to be presented will be The Gath3r Foundation. As an independent entity, part of the capital raised during the token sale will be allocated to the Gath3r Foundation. The main purpose of the foundation will be to allocate grants to promising projects or developers who wish to build on the Gath3r blockchain. Gath3r’s holding company will be independent of the foundation and will have no control over it. This will be exerted by a board made of third-party stakeholders, as well as some of the Gath3r founders, to ensure fairness and transparency.

Gath3r offers a novel alternative to maximize the value for content creators without making their consumers distracted or annoyed. It provides a framework for web monetization that is established through secure APIs, gives multiple options of payout currencies and is totally transparent.

Raghav Reggie Jerath from Gath3r:We are excited to work together with Exmarkets to bring our project at the fingertips of the users, pledging to deliver the highest quality of products within the promised timelines, through hard work and dedication towards our shareholders’’

Moreover, Gath3r has an Early Adopters Program which offers certain benefits for early users and testers of the Gath3r software. Follow this link to visit the application form.

You can also find the official introductory video of Gath3r. Check it out to get more information and form a better picture.

Tokensale details:

  • Token price: $0.02
  • KYC: Mandator
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000
  • For sale on ExMarkets - 2500,000
  • Softcap: none
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Blockchain & token standard: Ethereum (ERC20

Get your Ethereum ready and available before the time comes!

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