Fesschain’s revolutionary settlement system finalizes IEO plans: The sale starts on the 1st of August!

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The European summer has already surpassed its midpoint and so far the numbers have not let us down. Bitcoin is up approximately 300% for the year and is propelling hope for the whole market. Meanwhile, altcoins seem not to be doing so well, Bitcoin dominance is steadily increasing.

However, from the so-called altcoins, infrastructure projects tend to outperform the competition. That’s exactly why we’re eager to present the newest addition to our launchpad family — Fesschain.

Fesschain is taking a proactive stance and is addressing the most widely discussed shortcoming of the current digital settlement system to offer a more user-friendly and secure pathway to transfer assets online.

“I Couldn’t find a better platform than ExMarkets as our first Pre-IEO partner. Their track record and reviews of IEOs accomplished in the past are very encouraging. Their professionalism and support are other two important aspects which helped me to take the final call.” — revealed Durga Prasad Tripathi, Founder, and CEO of Fesschain.

Fesschain IEO will be comprised of three different rounds and prices having a few day-breaks in between them.

Round I: 1st Aug 12:00 PM IST to 5th Aug 11:59 IST | Price: $0.011 USD

Round II: 8th Aug 12:00 PM IST to 12th Aug 11:59 IST | Price: $0.013 USD

Round III: 15th Aug 12:00 PM IST to 19th Aug 11:59 IST | Price: $0.015 USD

Early bird gets the worm and the cheapest tokens, therefore if you have a few brain cells still alive and kicking you’ll join the IEO from the first round and benefit from the largest bonus.

Visit ExMarkets Launchpad right away, check out current and upcoming IEOs and don’t forget to open up an account if you haven’t already.

The Anatomy of the Fesschain Project

In its essence, Fesschain is a decentralized and fully digital payment system that solves the majority of issues plaguing currently used blockchains in the areas of throughput, transaction volume, speed, and security.

According to the project founders, they have found a solution to make the blockchain-run environment very efficient and supersonic fast. The answer lies in the combination of the Proof of Proof (PoP) algorithm and some carefully selected features of sharding protocol.

The PoP will rely on the Bitcoin blockchain to verify blocks, therefore, making Fesschain virtually hack-proof. Even in the unlikely event of a hack, the subsequent block will return blocks to their accurate positions.

To completely secure the issue of safety, Fesschain’s native architecture will have multiple data authentications in place such as timestamp verification and PoP.

To give the ecosystem more leeway for speed and spread Fesschain will maintain the functionality of parallel processing with the help of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. AI tech will sort which transactions can be recorded off-chain or put on sub-chains — it should reduce the blockchain’s load significantly at any given time, especially during times of high demand.

Security Ensuring Measures

Given that the crypto industry is constantly followed by the news of exchange, account, wallet and code hacking which more often results in losses surmounting millions of dollars, Fesschain team is dedicating extra resources in order to ensure that their blockchain is completely safe and can be trusted unconditionally.

  • BIP32 Transfer Protocol;
  • Proof of Proof Mechanism — A connected graph network which enables block verification mined on the Bitcoin blockchain;
  • Two Factor Authentication;
  • Multi-signature Technology;
  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Advanced privacy protection;

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Symbol (Ticker): FESS;
  • Price: $0.011 — $0.015 USD (depending on round);
  • Bonus: Yes;
  • Softcap: $200,000 USD;
  • Hardcap: $600,000 USD;
  • Payment currencies: BTC/ETH;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

Fesschain IEO kicks off on the 1st of August. Don’t miss the opportunity to become a part of this revolutionary project that might just have what it takes to become one of the most used payment systems on the globe.

If you’re a newcomer and have not yet been introduced to ExMarkets, visit our trading platform now to register your account and be ready when the time comes.


Fess stands for ‘Future of Electronic Settlement System’. This Project is trying to solve the scalability, speed and safety issues existing in the blockchain. It is the first project bringing Proof of Proof Mechanism. Fess Blockchain is unique in many ways and one of them is with increasing transactions the speed propels too. So, more the number of transactions faster the blockchain will be.


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ExMarkets is a digital asset exchange platform powered by the state-of-the-art trading engine developed in-house. On the exchange, ExMarkets users can trade the most popular cryptocurrencies as well as gain the chance to participate in the token sales of the most promising blockchain and crypto projects through ExMarkets Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) LaunchPad.

Fairly recently ExMarkets was granted 2 operational licenses for crypto-fiat gateway and custodian service provision by the Estonian regulator making it one of a few certified players in the market.

It takes only a few minutes to set up your account and users are allowed to make deposits in Bitcoin, Ethereum, other supported cryptocurrencies, tokens, and most importantly Euros.

To top it all off, ExMarkets is a part of the CoinStruction liquidity framework which is aggregating order-books from the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges guaranteeing 24/7 crypto liquidity — a feature which can seldom be seen in the current market.

All IT solutions and technology of ExMarkets and CoinStruction’s services are developed in-house guaranteeing that all security threats and third-party associated risks are kept at minimum levels throughout all stages of product deployment.

Trade. Master. Profit. ExMarkets.

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