Fair Online Gambling Platform Wuxian.io Sets Up an IEO on ExMarkets

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While the second month of 2020 is getting towards its final hours, we are happy to give our users some more good news. Today, we are presenting the newest family member to our IEO LaunchPad — a revolutionary gambling platform that puts extra emphasis on fairness — Wuxian.io.

Wuxian.io is a cryptocurrency and crypto token-based online betting and gambling infrastructure with a modern token economy. The use of blockchain technology enables Wuxian to ensure that the games they are organizing are probably fair, transparent and engaging.

All of the most popular games and beloved games such as roulette, dice and slots machines will be readily available on the platform alongside frequent new additions specialized to cater to enhanced user experience and improve Wuxian’s product mix.

To stand out from the competition and guarantee their players fair odds, the team behind the project has set up a fair game operation policy memorandum and will make provable hashes readily available for each gameplay so that every user and interestee will have the option to verify their odds and the fairness of the game.

Wuxian.io truly stands proud above the ranks of other gaming platforms that not only will make their games fool and cheat-proof but will also redistribute a share of revenue generated through the platform back to the users.

“For our team, ExMarkets was the best cryptocurrency exchange to run IEO. EUR deposit, active Launchpad, well-oriented interface, and nice trading performance — good at every aspect.” — said Ryan Wakefield CEO and Founder of Wuxian.io

Wuxian.io IEO is set to start on March 9th and will run in a 5-round structure up until the 4th of May during which time platform supporters, contributors, and private investors will have the opportunity to purchase WWIN tokens with up to 15% discount (depending on the IEO round).

  • Round I: March 9th — March 15th | Price: $0.00085 per WWIN (15% discount)
  • Round II: March 16th — March 22nd | Price: $0.00090 per WWIN (10% discount)
  • Round III: March 23rd — March 29th | Price: $0.00093 per WWIN (7% discount)
  • Round IV: March 30th — April 5th | Price: $0.00095 per WWIN (5% discount)
  • Round V: April 6th — May 4th | Price: $0.00100 per WWIN (no discount)

Get ready to contribute and make sure that you have already familiarized yourself with the trading environment of ExMarkets. Notice, that the sooner you join the IEO, the higher the discount you will get for your acquisition of the WWIN. It pays better to come first.

You can already find Wuxian IEO terminal on ExMarkets!

WWIN: the Solution Behind A Problem

There is no secret that if you like to gamble, you want to make sure that the odds you’re getting are the best there can be. Over the last couple of years, news regarding gambling and related game setup manipulation has been shadowing the industry. Naturally, it has significantly decreased user trust in online gambling platforms. There is an apparent lack of trust in the market.

To solve the aforementioned as well as accompanying issues, Wuxian’s team is introducing their native WWIN token which will act as the primary energy source of their gambling environment. WWIN’s purpose is to solve concerns of rule manipulation, unfair probabilities and other unfairness implying factors.

Furthermore, the system is developed to distribute 45% of revenues generated by the platform every 24 hours. Token holders will have the option to stake their holdings and receive rewards based on the number of tokens staked. It is aimed to work as an incentive for Wuxian users to acquire and increase their holdings over time.

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Inside the platform, besides staking WWIN will have a number of varying functions including but not limited to:

Payment vehicle for games — the most important and critical function of the token. Users wanting to participate in user-to-user or user-versus-house games will have the chance to do it at better rates using the native WWIN token of the Wuxian platform.

Paying for Wuxian.io items — frequent users will have the chance to modify gaming environments, unlock new skins, items and customization options to improve their gaming experience. All Wuxian marketplace items will be denominated in WWIN.

Joining the voting system — the gambling environment is set to engage the community and invite them to vote on new games, coins, and design additions or upcoming modifications. The more WWIN a user will hold, the more holding rights he/she will have.

Tipping and trading — platform users will have the opportunity to freely trade their owned tokens and event tip other players on the platform.

These are just the primary use-cases for the WWIN token but as the platform develops, more features and functionalities will be added to the mix.

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: WWIN;
  • Sale period: March 9th — May 4th;
  • IEO Rounds: 5 rounds
  • Starting Price: $0.00085 WWIN;
  • Discount: Yes, during Rounds I-IV;
  • KYC: NO;
  • Restricted countries: None;
  • Available for sale: 400,000,000 WWIN;
  • Hardcap: $400,000 USD;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

Wuxian Initial Exchange Offering starts in a couple of days, on March 9th. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of it and secure your stash of WWIN tokens while they’re still severely undervalued so you don’t have to regret your inactivity later.

We’re happy that ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad will host Cerviero’s sale. Take your chance to sign up now and get ready for the action!

See you when the IEO starts! Don’t miss it and stay tuned by joining ExMarkets Telegram channel!


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