ExMarkets open platform is live!

After a year and a half of back-end development, bug fixing, user interface enhancement, connectivity and security testing, our team is extremely proud to announce you the full deployment of ExMarkets open platform!

Now accessible to anyone, market orders are successfully connected to CoinStruction back-end frame work to provide deep volume and thick order books with clearance mechanism, through 8 TOP exchanges (more to come!), users’ balance has been connected to Coinam cold wallet for maximum security, and as for now 9 trading pairs are accessible for trading, including our first ERC20 token pair: BAT/BTC !

As announced by our team at the CoinsBank event last week, transaction and withdrawal fees will be FREE until 1st of November — this is how we thank all our early adopters that helped us to get there!

Feel free to contact us at support@exmarkets.com if you have any questions or recommendations to improve your user experience!

Thanks again to everyone 😊

P.S. Follow us on Twitter to stay tuned with latest updates: https://twitter.com/ex_markets

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Centralized platform that enable customers to trade up to 12 crypto-pairs among most traded crypto assets, at low transaction fees, with deep volume, 24h/7

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