ExMarkets 2.0 Upgrade Series: Introducing Staking Pools

Staking Pools: the Framework Within

Staking Rules Breakdown

  • 7-day staking period: Staking rewards are calculated daily and paid out on a one-week basis. Each epoch starts on Monday and lasts exactly 7 days;
  • 2-day staking maturity: Coins that are being staked need to sit 2 days in the staking pool unmoved for the rewards to become redeemable;
  • No lock policy: When staked, coins are never locked and can be withdrawn by the staker at any point (early withdrawal forfeits the rewards from the current staking epoch);
  • Minimum contribution threshold: Each stake pool will have its own minimum staking size required;



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Centralized platform that enable customers to trade up to 12 crypto-pairs among most traded crypto assets, at low transaction fees, with deep volume, 24h/7