Energized through IEO: VenusEnergy chooses ExMarkets LaunchPad

4 min readMar 25, 2019


Winding up the IEO schedule to the max — VenusEnergy has confirmed their IEO and will initiate it on the ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad. The buying of VENUS greenlights on the 1st of April, 2019.

If you’ve not registered yet, head over to ExMarkets right now to sign up and start preparing.

VenusEnergy IEO will run for 2 months and will close on the last day of May, the 31st. Each of the two months will have different prices levels, so it’s far more economically sensible to invest early in order to reap a larger share of the rewards.

Price levels of the VENUSEnergy IEO will be as follows:

  • April price: 1 VENUS = 0.001125 EUR
  • May price: 1 VENUS = 0.001800 EUR

Buying of VENUS will be available for two cryptocurrency pairs — VENUS/BTC and VENUS/ETH. Once, the IEO ends VENUS tokens will be immediately listed and available for trading on ExMarkets and other international cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are excited to host VENUSEnergy IEO on ExMarkets. A significant part of the ExMarkets core team is Lithuanians, as well as the team of VENUSEnergy. The communication is way faster and consistent, there are no cultural or timezone barriers. It makes everything a lot simpler.” — Artūras Svirskis, Head of Strategic Partnerships at CoinStruction.

VENUSEnergy project: the essentials

There was no shortage of headlines in the media ridiculing the amount of energy consumed when mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is true that the crypto hype has somewhat lost its acceleration, new cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related projects are still being born every day.

The electric consumption is growing daily, while the rewards received for solving the cryptographic tasks are no longer big enough to cover the expenses. Today’s top-grossing energy sources are natural gas, oil, coal, and conventional nuclear power.

The VENUSEnergy project is creating a mining farm ecosystem that is primarily powered by energy produced via renewable sources, mainly from wind power plants in Lithuania.

According to local meteorologists, the average wind power mediates somewhere between 6.5 and 7.5 meters per second. Based on these figures, financial estimates suggest that wind power plants generate a 12.5% ROI which equals 8 years to reach break even. And that’s only for the energy generated — given the potential of cryptocurrencies the remuneration for such activity may increase tenfold or even more.

Use of gathered funds

The priority of where to use secured funding goes to fund research on how to make renewable energy sources more efficient. The secondary goal of money allocation will be used for generating the energy itself through the utilization of processes researched.

Another indirect externality of the VENUSEnergy project will be the reduction of pollutants coming from plant emissions. A more efficient and green infrastructure will in the long-term be a more sustainable solution for our environment. If there’s a chance to set up a status quo when growing numbers of electricity from renewable sources can be obtained in a safe and dependable manner — the whole industry would benefit greatly.

ExMarkets is a global exchange with a fantastic presence in Europe. An IEO listed on ExMarkets will have a reach of millions of users from around the world. ExMarkets help IEOs with all stages of the process to ensure that they maximize their raise potential.” — A. Belozaravičius, CEO of VENUSEnergy.

To make the cake even sweeter, VENUSEnergy project supporters and contributors will have access to acquire ‘green hashing’ power with a 20% discount than regular platform users.

So circle your calendars for April 1st, that’s when VENUSEnergy initiates on ExMarkets LaunchPad! Register an account in advance.


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