Don’t mess with the LAW: Integrated Distributed Ledgers (IDL) project spearheads 2020 with an IEO

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The new year has just sprung around the corners and people have just started to get back to work but we already have good and urgent news. ExMarkets is not sleeping on good accomplishments from the last year and is kicking the new year with another pristine opportunity for its users — Integrated Distributed Ledgers (IDL) Initial Exchange Offering starting on January 6th.

Integrated Distributed Ledgers (IDL) is developing a Smart Contract and Blockchain technology-based system to enable individuals, companies and organizations to freely create public or private blockchains with different consensus and transaction validating algorithms at will and use them for desired purposes.

Moreover, through the standardization of the IDL environment of the distributed public ledgers will be integrated among themselves and will share some of the same functionalities and mutually explorable features such as member pools, common addresses, transaction logs, Smart Contract implementations and more.

IDL has been in development for over a year now and already has almost 13,000 active wallets of 3 separate blockchains. IDL is not going to stop here and is planning a rapid expansion of the user base and platform functionality for 2020.

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The Initial Exchange Offering is set to begin in just a few days, on the 6th of January and will run for 10 days in one single round with the sale closing on January 15th. During the sale, Integrated Distributed Ledgers native LAW tokens will be sold on ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad where all interested parties will have the chance to acquire their share of LAWs.

A minimum purchase amount during the IEO sale will be 200,000 LAW tokens which would equal approximately $19.44 USD.

There is not that much time left until the IEO begins, set an alarm notification on your phone and calendar so you don’t miss the start of the IEO. Don’t forget to open up an account on ExMarkets exchange beforehand and deposit your crypto in advance so there is no hold up after the action starts.

Inner workings of the IDL platform

The main reason why IDL is making blockchain use more easily accessible to players from a multitude of industries is the key idea of separating the blockchain into layers — an application layer that provides tools and interfaces for the users to create their own blockchains with native parameters, and a network layer that ensures continuous network layer integrity. IDL has published numerous lines of programming code and invite anyone interested in the technical specifics of the IDL projects to investigate their official GitHub profile.

In addition to this, in order to make the user experience more engaging and to foster community sharing of ideas, functionalities and best practices, the IDL team has created a social network-resembling interface for their infrastructure called the Ubikiri. You can go there already, create your account or sign in using the most popular social network accounts you already have and start exploring.

The majority of currently live microservices on the Ubikiri social network are run through API gateways. Such microservices currently include Cryptonomica — user identification service, Crowdfeeding — an employment and single-off job service taking care of the organization of the required workforce and work approval and payment distribution, and SilentNotary — a fact/truth/contract verification on the Ethereum blockchain. And this is only the beginning. IDL invites interested developers to create and suggest their own applications to be implemented into the Integrated Distributed Ledgers architecture. The more attractive features can be found on the platform, the more users and activity it will generate and as soon as the platform hits critical mass, there’s no stopping.

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IDL team combines both use-cases for blockchains — public ledgers records of which can be reached and verified by any individual in the world at any point and private ones in which only parties with granted access can reach a specified set of information, into a single ecosystem. It makes it attractive for both sides of society, individuals as well as enterprises.

While public ledgers can be useful to build global trusted networks and make sure that vital information is immutable, private ledgers have some feasible characteristics as well. Using technology provided by IDL private businesses can freely share information they want with other private ledgers on preset terms. Such systems can make sharing of sensitive information between entities a more secure process and help with data compartmentalization where it is needed.

The long-term vision of Integrated Distributed Ledgers is to build an effective and trusted decentralized vehicle for businesses around the world to link and communicate with each other complying with existing national and regional regulations through the IDL digital platform thus saving millions in legal counsel, administrative and organizational expenses.

Tokensale fundamentals

  • Ticker: LAW;
  • Price: $0.0135 BTC (approx. 97.2) for 1,000,000 LAW;
  • Minimum purchase: 200,000 LAW;
  • Discount: Yes, 10%;
  • KYC: No;
  • Restricted countries: None;
  • Token total supply: 35 500 006 555 LAW.;
  • Available for sale: 5,000,000,000 LAW;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: none/ 67.5 BTC;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC;
  • Blockchain: IDL (native);

The Integrated Distributed Ledger Initial Exchange Offering kicks off in a few days and will last for only ten. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of it and secure your stash of LAW tokens. You might have to wait a long time for an opportunity like this to come again.

We’re delighted that ExMarkets IEO LaunchPad will host the IEO sale. Take your chance to sign up now and get ready for the action!

See you when the IEO starts! Don’t miss it and stay tuned by joining ExMarkets Telegram channel!


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