DEXAGE, the user-centric crypto marketplace goes for IEO on June 22nd

The summer is already upon us, but the crypto train is not slowing down. We have Apple integrating crypto kit into its next iOS, Facebook in talks with the CTFC about its upcoming native cryptocurrency and IEOs getting global coverage from blockbuster names like the Wall Street Journal — you know, that things are on the bull-side.

This time we are presenting Dexage, a user-centric hybrid exchange, escrow trading platform, and lending marketplace. DEXAGE IEO starts on June 22nd and will last until July 8th.

Just for ExMarkets users, DEXAGE will be offering DXG tokens with 20% discount at $0.0008 apiece.

Science & Technology revolutionize our lives, but Decentralization will give us true freedom” — said Joseph Iyorfor, DEXAGE project manager.

Visit DEXAGE website to get to know the project better or head straight to ExMarkets Launchpad and register an account

More about the project

As is encoded in the name DEXAGE is a Decentralized Exchange platform driven by a social web giving the power back to the users. Sidelined, the platform also will have centralized part — crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat exchange.

DEXAGE is run a Proof of Stake (POS) where block validators are rewarded with the transaction fees for validating operations executed on the platform. To incentivize the member acquisition, the DEXAGE is implementing a multi-level referral system to its interface and will be giving out regular awards of DXG tokens to affiliates and reward every referral that brings investors or generates trading volume on the platform.

The platform is consumer-oriented therefore P2P lending is going to be a big feature for it where trades and user engagement does not go through centralized trading engines. To ensure that both parties are honoring the agreement, DEXAGE will have escrow services to offer and, when needed, will act as an intermediary and make sure that P2P trades are processed properly.

DXG chat Dapp

DXG chat app is going to be something along the lines of your typical messenger app but it will include a seamless way for users to send value transactions fueled by DZG tokens back and forth. Transactions will be carried through smart contracts and will not require any permission from the network operator.

Moreover, through the app, users will have the opportunity to use the services of DXG fund managers and allow them to evaluate individual holdings to provide professional insights on how to rebalance the portfolio in order to achieve optimal returns.

DEXAGE Team is trying to bypass criticisms associated with centralized exchanges and their vulnerabilities to third-party risks and is building a platform where users can interact directly with one another without the need for monopolistic authorities and other governing bodies.

There are structured plans already being set in place to at one point in time evolve DEXAGE platform into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and have the community voting feature to be utilized on all of the major development decisions.

Tokensale fundamentals

“While we have many centralized exchanges habitating the crypto market, there is yet one decentralized platform to take over the market. Talks about DEX’es have been going around for more than 2 years and DEXAGE is coming to the market to deliver. We’re excited to host their IEO on ExMarkets and believe they will do great” — Dylan Sharkey, head of sales at CoinStruction and ExMarkets.

While the goals might be grandiose, the DEXAGE has an appetite for innovation and an attitude of getting things done. Coupled with an ambitious team it is a good recipe for success and the first ingredient in the implementation is the initial exchange offering.

Go ahead to ExMarkets and check out the trading action while you’re waiting for the IEO to start. The DXG tokens open for sale on June 22nd. Do not miss this date!


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