Crypto India Rises: BitBNS, the Largest Indian Exchange Approaching Token sale Start

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While more than half of the world is on lockdown, more and more services are moving online and to e-commerce. It is hard to know what the economic consequences are going to be in the aftermath of COVID-19 but it sure will not be something minor.

Given the outrageous amounts of money being inflowed into the world through quantitative easing and stimulus, packages already approved by European and the United States governments will be used to save the economy in the short-term, but will surely devalue the purchasing power in the long-term. To those who have been consistently saving for their pension, today it may not look like the fairest decision.

That’s why more and more people are eyeing cryptocurrencies and the programmable incentives that can be built into them without centralized power. In India, the Supreme Court just recently overturned its Central Bank’s ban on cryptocurrency trading, opening this vast economy of more than a billion people to the industry. One representative of a rising crypto economy in India BitBNS, the largest Indian Crypto Exchange, is organizing their pre-public sale on ExMarkets.

BitBNS is a digital assets trading and exchange platform oriented towards the Indian population but can serve anyone in the world. One of the best parts of BitBNS is that you can deal and purchase cryptocurrencies and tokens using Indian Rupee straight on the platform.

We are excited to partner with ex markets to serve users from Europe. This collaboration would help BitBNS gain international exposure and with the recent fiat onramp of Euros and Pounds, a large number of new users globally can gain access to BitBNS services and participate in the BNS token pre-public sale”, — commented Gaurav Dahake, the founder and CEO of BitBNS.

The pre-public sale phase 3 is to start on the 27th of April on ExMarkets LaunchPad, where ExMarkets users and BitBNS community members will have the opportunity to acquire BNS tokens for $0.024 USD apiece in phase 3. Phase 4 would begin in May at a price of 0.032 USD. The team of BitBNS has already secured investment of $400,000 USD in its pre-public sale phase 1 and 2, and the token sale went over within seconds. Now with phase 3 and phase 4, the exchange is set to attract more new users.

Meanwhile, all interested are invited to visit the BitBNS platform and take a look around what they are offering. They already have a working product and are not just going around on promises. Check them out, we are sure you will appreciate it. Also, be sure to register an account on ExMarkets and be ready for the sale in advance.

A deeper look into BitBNS

BitBNS is brought by a young team of crypto enthusiasts all of whom are graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology. The platform itself prides in extra attention paid to top-tier security and user fund safety on the exchange with 24/7 customer support available to deal with any uprising issues on the user’s side.

To make sure that regulatory compliance is met at the highest standards and prevent fraud, BitBNS are validating every user rigorously making them meet outstanding KYC, PAN and ID verification requirements before allowing them to trade on the platform.

BitBNS is using a direct bank deposit and withdrawal method provides the automated buy and sell architecture making it easy for the user to acquire and hold crypto assets. Moreover, more experienced and risk-loving traders can increase their leverage and engage in margin trading to try and increase potential profits. All accounts on BitBNS do not cost anything and are completely free.

The next big step on the company’s roadmap is the introduction of the native BNS token which will act as the fuel for the whole ecosystem. Besides providing numerous benefits on the exchange, BNS token will also play an integral part in the e-commerce area. According to the BitBNS position, the current infrastructure of payments is excessive and very complex. It consists of multiple intermediaries, clearance systems, connecting banks and other moving parts with their own modus operandi. BitBNS is looking to build a solution and simplify existing conditions and provide consumers a cheaper and more efficient alternative.

International remittances should fall right under the possible use-cases of the BNS token. The global remittance market is huge especially in the South East Asian region and the BNS team is looking to tap into that as well. Given the secure nature of cryptography-enhanced characteristics and intrinsic transparency of the blockchain, the application of crypto in the market may lead to significant savings.

And last but not least, the project team has already set up a complimentary service by the name of Bitdroplet, a clever architecture for retailers that enables common people to invest small amounts into crypto currency while at the same time bringing mass adoption one step closer.

Tokensale Fundamentals

  • Ticker: BNS;
  • Price: $0.024 USD for phase 3; $0.032 USD for phase 4
  • Start date: 27 April
  • Bonus: No;
  • Total supply: 2,500,000,000
  • Available tokens for sale: 30,000,000 BNS for phase 3 and 40,000,000 for phase 4;
  • Softcap/Hardcap: $300,000 / $2,000,000 USD;
  • Accepted currencies: BTC/ETH/USDT;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20);

The aforementioned overlook provides only a brief glimpse at the ecosystem BitBNS team is helping to evolve. However, the digital asset exchange that is live and working as of today, as well as the Bitdroplet module, clearly indicates the team's competence and existing capabilities in building advanced digital solutions.

Don’t forget to set a reminder and be there when the time comes. BitBNS will help reshape the e-commerce market and bring crypto into the mass adoption level. Be sure to be there for the journey. Pre public sale phase 3 starts on April 27th!

Sign up now on ExMarkets and get ready for the action!

P.S. Stay always in tune with the latest developments and news by joining ExMarkets Telegram channel!


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