Blockchain gaming economy is a thing: Decimated (DIO) listing on ExMarkets
4 min readMar 12, 2019


Who doesn’t like computer gaming these days? We’re getting to the point where computer games and gaming championships are gathering almost the same amount of attention as the global sports matches and gamers becoming full-blown celebrities. Here at ExMarkets, we’re also gaming fanatics.

Due to this reason, we’re very excited to announce that Initial Exchange Offering goes live from the 13th of March for 14 days with an immediate DIO listing on ExMarkets afterward. DIO is the native currency of Decimated, a blockchain-based post-apocalyptic survival game with true digital scarcity and item ownership. It’s like Fortnite but with real currency that can be redeemed and sold for bucks, Euros or British Pounds. Isn’t that cool?

I am a closet gamer and can’t stay away without trying what’s new on the market. The gamer community are avid adopters of novelty, including blockchain technologies. I believe there’s a natural synergy between gaming and blockchain, especially when we’re talking providing a real-world value to gaming items. There’s gonna be a huge market for that, mark my words” — said G. Trilikauskis, the Marketing Strategist at ExMarkets and CoinStruction.

As always, the early bird gets the worm so don’t miss out your chance to get your stash of DIOs in advance to reap the benefits of it later. Jump to to open up an account right now. Once again, buying starts on March 13th and will last for 14 days. On March 27th, DIO will be listed for trading.

Decimated, the blockchain-based survival game

The game is a situation in future Earth after the civilization has been severely damaged by the toxic climate change caused by prolonged neglect by the governments and global corporations. The rich have managed to flee Earth in search for other habitable planets while leaving the unwanted — prisoners, rebels and the poor behind.

Everyone left on Earth has to manage on their own scavenging, looking for resources in the fiercest and darkest places, trying to stay away from the cyborg police patrolling the wastelands to maintain their totalitarian rule.

Players salvage resources, technology, and digital currency, repair vehicles, build bases, fortify shelters, hunt, ambush, loot and trade in this hostile post-apocalyptic environment.

Watch the official teaser trailer to get your juices flowing.

It’s a true bomb, isn’t it?

Led by professionals, backed by a strong community

Fuelled by the Unreal 4 engine, Decimated is building a 64 square kilometer persistent Online World like no other to act as the battleground for thousands of online players. The team has extensive game development experience and has helped to launch some of the biggest blockbuster games such as the God of War, Paladins, Injustice 2, Batman: Arkham Origins and more.

I believe that videogames will lead the path towards blockchain mass adoption, making it user-friendly and fun for the next generation to understand” — Stephen Arnold, CEO, Fracture Labs

There’s already a waiting community of over 40,000 people anticipating to be the first ones to test the gaming environment.

The first alpha version of Decimated is planned to come out in 2020.

Propel yourself ahead on the Decimated world

If you consider yourself to be a gamer right to the bone, right now is the best opportunity to acquire DIO tokens, the native currency of the Decimated ecosystem and give yourself the chance to succeed and evolve faster in the game.

There’s no downside as the tokens will be redeemable on the global cryptocurrency market and at any time you’ll have the opportunity to trade DIOs to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies out there.

On March 13th, ExMarkets is becoming one of the terminals where you’ll be able to acquire Decimated currency online. Get it now, while it’s still cheap!

Visit ExMarkets to Sign Up! A few clicks are all it takes!


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