ATECH digital asset platform project confirms IEO plans. Scheduled date: August 30th.

  • First 50 million AFX tokens will be sold at $0.06 USD and 20% bonus will be added on top;
  • Then 100 million AFX tokens will be sold at $0.12 USD and 15% bonus will be added on top;
  • And the remaining 1,500 million AFX tokens will be sold at $0.18 USD and 10% bonus will be added on top.
  • Trusted ecosystem secured by Smart Contracts — the usage of smart contract allows bypassing the need for a central authority to verify transactions, lending/borrowing can be organized to happen in a peer-to-peer environment entirely.
  • Exchange liquidity — in many forms of investment methods, people have to wait for months and even years in order to be able to cash out. With ATECH’s platform, however, there will always be real-time project value displayed and users will have the ability to liquidate their investments at any time during project development.
  • Tokenized ecosystem — introduction of the AFX token provides a vehicle to not only allow platform’s users to engage in the P2P lending/borrowing marketplace, but also enables the inclusion of gamification, loyalty and engagement reward systems which can be crucial in order to hear the community’s voice, respond to bugs or inconsistencies, and improve the whole ecosystem in due time.
  • Ticker: AFX;
  • Starting price: $0.06 USD;
  • Discount: 10–20% depending on IEO stage;
  • Listing price: $0.18 USD;
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 AFX;
  • Available for sale: 550,000,000 AFX,
  • Softcap/Hardcap: 8,000,000/28,000,000 USD;
  • Payment currencies: BTC, ETH;
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20).



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Centralized platform that enable customers to trade up to 12 crypto-pairs among most traded crypto assets, at low transaction fees, with deep volume, 24h/7