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On the 22nd of February, CoinAnalyst (COY) token will be available for acquisition on our LaunchPad. CoinAnalyst opened its tokensale in July and will conclude on the 31st of March.

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Wanting to give the COY token an additional boost, CoinAnalyst team decided to propose their token to a wider audience and add extra assurance for the community by bringing it to an Exchange. ExMarkets is happy to be of service and provide a reliable gateway to buy, hold and, when the time comes, trade COY tokens.

Register an ExMarkets account right away. Buying starts at 11 AM GMT, February 22nd.

Value behind CoinAnalyst

CoinAnalyst is an AI-based data analytics platform which gives professional traders required market insights to improve their trading success and achieve extra profits. The platform operates in real-time and helps to achieve decision-making certainty at the time of trade execution by allowing its users to identify risks and opportunities in order to react proactively and in a rapid manner to price fluctuations.

The technology developed by CoinAnalyst helps to make the cryptocurrency market more transparent through a way of providing real-time market information. The analysis provided by the technology is based on market sentiment or ‘mood’ which is assessed by mining the internet for textual imprints related to a said coin or token.

Mined information is classified into one of the three sections: positive, neutral and negative and attributed to a coin in question. Currently, CoinAnalyst tech supports 9 languages with more to be integrated in the future.

I really like and support the technology behind CoinAnalyst project. I believe it is very important to be able to grasp market sentiment and evaluate buy/sell decisions on demand. We all know how volatile and rapidly changing can the cryptocurrency market be” — said C. Waton, the CBDO of CoinStruction.

CoinAnalyst’s algorithms are based on the technology of Cogia Intelligence that is employed by a number of Fortune 500 companies already.

Trust-inducing factors

There are a number of reasons why the CoinAnalyst project seems to be a solid investment opportunity and represent implied value behind the project.

First of all, CoinAnalyst has released their Alpha version and is encouraging seasoned traders and novices to be the first platform testers. You can apply to be CoinAnalyst tester here.

Moreover, CoinAnalyst project is a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance — a member-driven organization which is aiming to develop open blockchain specifications to drive interoperability and harmonization of practices in order to facilitate global blockchain adoption. As of now, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance holds more than 380 companies and over 1,600 individual members.

Last but not least, the project’s smart contract is verified by TokenGrade — an auditing platform providing white paper and source code synchronization, verification and contract security reviews which are verified by legal experts.

“We are very happy about the cooperation with CoinStruction and ExMarkets which enables us to place the tokens for our products directly with our target group.” — Tobias Schnorr, CTO of CoinAnalyst


CoinAnalyst’s native token ticker is COY, it is an ERC-based token used internally in the platform to pay for the services. On top of that, the team behind the project spent some time thinking about the token velocity and has implemented a few neat features that should help the token to maintain and increase in value.

  • Deflationary Burning Model — a share of used tokens will be permanently destroyed on a regular basis;
  • Buyback program — 20% of yearly profits will be used to repurchase COY tokens;
  • Proportional bucket adjustment — used to keep free-float of COY stable;

ExMarkets — a vehicle for widespread adoption

There are several advantages of appearing on the ExMarkets launchpad. A token sale run on a cryptocurrency exchange ensures the certainty that there will be a market for issued tokens — people will be able to trade and sell their tokens on the exchange immediately.

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Visit ExMarkets LaunchPad:

Also, IEOs prevent Gas Wars from happening and significantly reduces the possibility for copycat scam artists to trick people of their money.

Register an account on ExMarkets and gain access to the best assets the cryptocurrency space has to offer.


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ExMarkets is a part of the CoinStruction liquidity framework which is aggregating order-books from the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges guaranteeing 24/7 crypto liquidity — a feature which can seldom be seen in the current market.

CoinStruction liquidity framework is a backend layer powered by a state-of-the-art order matching engine with an integrated multi-currency digital wallet Coinam.

All IT solutions and technology of ExMarkets, Coinam, and all CoinStruction’s services are developed in-house guaranteeing that all security threats and third-party associated risks are kept at minimum levels throughout all stages of product deployment.

Trade. Master. Profit. ExMarkets

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